Welcome! I'm Aleiya!
If you're on this page, you probably have an understanding of what I do...

I'm a 22 year old mother of 2. My son, Cristiano, is 2 years old and my daughter, Eliana, is 6 months old.

I was a single mother taking care of my son on my own until he was around 7 months old. I met my daughters father and only a FEW months later, found out I was pregnant with baby number two! A complete shock but the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

I've always been an independent person and had a passion for helping others. I started off documenting my journey into parenthood on YouTube prior to my son, while also working in a restaurant. I enjoyed making videos but I never got that satisfied feeling from it. I wanted more. Back in 2012, I would create beauty videos. It was a hobby for me and something I genuinely loved. Skin care and hair care have always been a passion of mine. It was the one thing that gave me, ME time.

My kids are my world. They are always my first priority. I knew I needed another source of income but an income that could allow me to stay home with them. All I wanted was to be able to be with my babies everyday, while also making a livable income for them.

I saw a friend making money from her social media, earning paid for trips, having financial freedom, and I was SOLD! She's a full time police officer that no longer works overtime because she fully supplemented it with this opportunity.

I partnered with MONAT. One of the fastest luxury hair care brand in the world. They have also added skincare and wellness to our lineup! We are the first social marketing company to focus entirely on premium hair care products that promote healthy hair growth and reverse damage from the inside-out. Our full line of hair and skin products are vegan, naturally based, cruelty-free, anti-aging and free of harsh chemicals. The company is only 6 years old and is a billion dollar company!

If you are in a similar situation and needing that extra income or wanting a fresh start to life, I’m offering you a GROUND LEVEL opportunity to upgrade your financial situation by doing what you’re already doing. We are all washing our hair and skin. This doesn't require a lifestyle change. I'm giving you the opportunity to work along side me and have financial freedom. To not only be able to enjoy everyday with your children but to also have that time freedom! You choose your hours, you choose your income level, you are your own boss! We have the opportunity to work at any place, in any country or state, while on vacation, etc. & the best part is all you need is a phone!

This business is for the hustlers, hard workers, dreamers. It will give you the opportunity to secure a life you could only dream of if you put in the work!

Are you ready to BE YOUR OWN BOSS?

Whether you’re looking for extra income, an opportunity to travel more, or just cleaner beauty products, I look forward to working with you!