Aleah Van Leuven

Certified Self Love and Life Coach

Hi Goddess! My name is Aleah! I educate and empower BEAUTIFUL women just like you who struggle with:

• Working through negative emotions
• Balancing day to day life with their goals
• Having a negative relationship with their bodies
• and Being held down by low self esteem

By using techniques such as:

• Energy Healing
• Intuitive Eating
• Vision Dream Analysis
• Archetypal Psychology
• Shadow Work
• Cultivating Gratitude
• and Guided Meditation and Movement

With the foundation of the Self Love Roadmap which includes Self Forgiveness, Self Acceptance, Gratitude, Self Care, Self Trust, and Self Love

Through this journey, women can learn to battle their demons with love and strength, instead of fear and anger, love themselves and their bodies unconditionally, cultivate better relationships with ones they love the most, and overall manifest their dream life.

What are you waiting for!

After all, happiness is a choice, and gratitude is key!

“Beneath every behavior there is a feeling. And beneath each feeling is a need. And when we meet that need rather than focus on the behavior, we begin to deal with the cause, not the symptom.” -Ashleigh Warner ✨

It is so important to take care of and invest in yourself!

Archetypal Psychology

What is it?

This specific type of psychology involves taking a look at the different archetypes within ones life, creating a dialogue with them, and integrating them as best you can.
Through this work we can become really aware or what’s actually holding us back and we can even heal trauma we didn’t know was there.

Vision Dream Analysis

A Guided Meditation

This specific dream analysis uses symbols and vision to bring uncertainties out of the subconscious and into your awareness. Through this guided Meditation we can find peace through trauma, and acceptance for ones true self.

The Healing Power of Crystals

All about the magic!✨

There are SO MANY different types of crystals! They all have their own special healing abilities for the body, mind, and soul.
Radiating with energy, these gems promote positive energy and help rid the mind and body of all negative energy.
Which Crystals are for you? Here’s a few of my faves!

Clear Quartz

MASTER HEALER! This beautiful white crystal is an amplifier of energy. While it can also amplify the energy and ability of other crystals, it also helps stimulate the immune system and balance out your body.

Rose Quartz

Love love love! All about the love!! One of my personal faves! This gorgeous pink stone helps restore trust and harmony in all relationships and helps provide comfort and calm during times of uncertainty and grief. Encourages love, respect, trust, and self worth.


This beautiful purple gem is extremely healing, protective, and cleansing. Amethyst helps rid the mind of negative thoughts and brings forth sincerity, humility, and spiritual wisdom. Helps promote sleep and sobriety, while also boosting hormone production, cleanses your blood, and relieves pain and stress.

Manifesting your Inner Magic program✨

Timeline: 6 months, 12 sessions total | Investment: $1,111

This six month program will guide you through ending anxiety, fear, and self doubt, so you can embrace your inner divine goddess, feel powerful and grounded, and manifest the life of your dreams.

Program Feature #1 Through learning about Intuitive Eating, you’ll finally be able to feel free around food, you’ll no longer have guilt holding you back, and you’ll be nourishing your body with love and compassion.

Program Feature #2 By tapping into the power of Manifestation, you’ll finally be able to feel increasingly abundant and purposeful in your life.

Program Feature #3 Through learning about Archetypal Psychology, you’ll become aware of what’s really holding you back, and heal trauma you didn’t even know was there.

Program Feature #4 By going deep with Vision Dream Analysis you’ll be able to bring uncertainties out of the subconscious and into your awareness; allowing yourself to heal, find peace with yourself, and grow in ways you never thought you could.

Program Feature #5 By digging into Shadow Work through the archetypes within your subconscious, you’ll be able to face your demons with love, grow closer in your relationships, have better trust with yourself, rid fear, and have more forgiveness and compassion for yourself.

Program Feature #6 Through finding the time for movement and meditation, you’ll finally be able to bring peace to your inner conscious, feel good in your skin and learn to love your body unconditionally, change constant negativity Into radiating positivity; and learn to listen to, nourish, and love yourself in ways you never thought you could

Investment Option #1: Pay in full and receive $100 off your program(only $1,011!!)

Bonus: Receive a bonus gift of personalized crystals as a gift from me when you pay in FULL!

Investment Option #2 6 monthly payments of $200