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Hello Alphas ,
I am just a regular curly chic growing an empire through her phone , I have partnered up with wonderful women and together we empower each other to make our dreams come true. I’m a Register Behavior Tech and yes I love my job I also work for a great school district . I pour my heart and soul into my students so that they can reach their goals and live life to the fullest .
I have a passion for all things decor and construction .
I have a burning desire to help others find their purpose and bring out the best in them.
My goal is to build confidence through pure freedom- whatever that means to you. Let's show the world what we're made of.

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Tranforming a house into a home —

Wedding and a Fixer upper ?
Well call me Karen .
Our house was cozy but it was not appealing and with a wedding right around the corner we needed something done fast. let’s begin with the walls every room had a different theme and color palette . One room had Tabasco and Jalapeño wallpaper another bedroom had large Hawaiian flowers, the kitchen had pots and pans wallpaper.
It was a nightmare you would tare apart one piece of the wallpaper and you would find five different layers under that .
Oh did I forget to mention their was a yellow bathroom ? The layout was odd and the house needed love lots of love . But nothing a little imagination and nails can’t fix , right?
I will share the process with you from the beginning to end . From design layout to sketching , drives to Home Depot and favorite decor pieces and some tricks and tips for Realestate.

Thank you for letting me share my passion with you .

Talk about a fixer upper

For the Design I wanted an open floor plan I knew I was going to be hosting. I also thought about my future kids and how convenient an open floor plan will be.

Special shout out to my parents 😘