About me


I'm Alejandra MarquΓ©s

I am Time Management and Goal Achievement Mentor

But I'm also a criminal law professor at University, project manager in a research center, as you will soon see I'm a forever student, and of course last but not least I'm a daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend and friend.

My mission

I empower driven female entrepreneurs accomplishing in 2 months what without time management would take them over 1 year⏳

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ“ I graduated top of my class in both of my Bachelor's Degrees: Law and in Business Administration and Management.
πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ“I have a Master's Degree in Sports Law and I'm currently pursuing my LLM.

πŸ€“I love learning new things, I am passionate about languages and learning about new cultures, which is why I have dedicated a large part of my free time to learning languages. I currently speak 6, and if you are dying to know which ones: Spanish, English, French, German, Catalan, and Chinese πŸ˜‰

πŸ€“I also love learning about personal growth and entrepreneurship.


β€œI loved being able to acquire real and working tools to improve my time management and productivity levels. The awareness raising on these issues has been fundamental. The support I received and the solutions you gave me! Thank you."
– GΓ©nesis D.

""What I needed to fulfill something I had been putting off for years. In 6 weeks I advanced more than in two years!"
- Arleen P.

"I was amazed by my one to one coaching with Ale. She welcomed me into the space warm and authentic. We worked very individually and I love and appreciate her input. So many handy cool tricks to manage my time better, find my weak points, be more passionate. Thank you so much!"
- Lisa R.

"Alejandra helped me recognize my areas of weakness and develop plans for time management. Feel more confident in recognizing my time suckers and when I’m not following my schedule. "
- Ashley F.

"Alejandra gives tips and tools that can be carried out by anyone and that, however simple they seem, help a lot to the daily routine. Without a doubt, these little tips are what I liked the most about the mentoring. In addition, she is very friendly and cares a lot about your progress. I was delighted!!"
- Bella P.

"When it comes to time management and organization, all I can think about is the distractions ... And since you taught me how lomg it takes to get back to work after a distraction ... now I start to be more aware of those β€œlittle” disruptive interruptions"
- Silvia M.

"With Ale, beyond learning tools to manage myself better, she helped me find the necessary objectives to achieve my goals this year, a plan without date is just a dream, if you want to improve your day to day by being more productive, launch your project or take it to the next level, the most important thing is to learn to take advantage of your day to day so that little by little you can build the life you want. Thanks Ale for the tools and for the inspiration I needed to evolve in my project !!!! "
– Lily S.

"I know how much better I feel when I have my time planned out, and I know myself better which helps me decide when to plan, rather than the other way around. I really liked how you remembered things about us that didn’t apply to the course."
- Steph B.

"I have managed to respect my personal spaces to take care of myself and bemore aware of what I have achieved. What I liked the most was your energy activating activity, it is fundamental and I did not see this from that perspective or as something essential and it has helped me to be high vibes. Also learning to say no and take it seriously this was the point of greatest impact for me in recent days. You connect with the people and use your experience to guide them, that makes everything more authentic. Not only did we in the group share what happened to us but you also told us "I did this" or "my excuse was this" and that way we could identify more. Thank you very much Ale, a gift of life that we met and your enlightenment those days!"
– Esmeralda H.