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Alerrie's fancy life is all about the hottest couple Perrie Edwards and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The life of Alerrie pt.1

In 2016 there were way to many rumours about the Black Magic hit maker Perrie Edwards and the back then Arsenal footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain dating. Perrie confirmed the rumours on her instagram post in February 2017 with the forever iconic Paris pic. She captioned the photo: "Him". Later that month Alex attended the Brit Awards where Little Mix won Best British single with Shout Out To My Ex. The couple used to post fancy updates on their relationship regularly. In the same summer they went together on their first summer holiday in St. Lucia and later spend Christmas with both their families a.k.a. the "Ox-Chambo-Edwards clan". Perrie and Alex seemed so loved and everyone was calling them relationship goals. But in 2017 Alex moved from Arsenal to Liverpool and they had to live separated for a huge amount of time. Perrie said that she missed him but she was really proud and it wasn't a problem. It really wasn't, they managed their relationship to work out even though the distance. In 2018 they traveled in Mykonos, Greece with their friends and shared some bom pics and insta stories. Alex and Perrie kept supporting eachother at games, performances or tour.

The early years a.k.a the golden years for content.

Brits 2017

St.Lucia Holiday 2017

You definitely have to see all the pictures and videos.

Brits 2018

Remember when Perrie was alone at the red carpet because Alex was away and he came with a plane to support her.

In 2019 Perrie and Alex kept supporting eachother and they gave us iconic pictures. The 2019 Brits red carpet look will remain iconic forever. Maybe we all had a heart attack when Perrie misspelled Alex's last name on her ig story. And she responded " it will be way easier to spell when it's my second name and i have to write all the time". In 2020, the couple enjoyd some time together in quarantine. The posted some life uptdates regularly. The best moment of 2020 has to be their iconic viral Tik-Tok stairs dance. The video on Perrie's ig post gained more than 11 million views as we speak. They even outsold Little Mix Christmas single " One I've Been Missing" mv. How ironic?? They outsold everybody to be honest but we are used to it..

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