Hey Friend, it’s Alexandra !

Let’s change your life together 💕

Almost two years ago I was asking myself if things were ever going to change. Money was tight, I was working full time teaching and part time bartending. I worked and worked but still never seemed to have enough. I knew I didn’t want my life to look like this for years to come. I felt hopeless and all I wanted was for my future family to have more freedom.

One day I saw my friend on Facebook and saw her living a life of freedom, working off social media. She worked full time and had a family. She gave hope, that I could do this too! I desperately wanted give it a try, but I also didn’t think I was the right fit for something like that!

That leap of faith changed everything.
I jumped in and never looked back, three months in I left my part time bartending job. 5 months in, I had matched and Just one year in, I doubled my full time monthly teaching salary. It took 6 months of my journey to become 100% credit card debt free!
Bringing in an additional stream of income allowed me to finally take control of my finances, and completely change the legacy of my life. I am forever thankful!

Today, I am able to bring in an extra income to continue to pay off debt, save for my future wedding (recently engaged), all while still working as a full time teacher. One girl on my newsfeed changed my life. Five seconds of courage brought me freedom ♥️

Swipe to the next page to fill out my opportunity application, and let’s find out together if this could be the solution you’ve been waiting for too! >>>>>>>>