Hair, Skin, & Wellness Guru

“You have so much Potential—Do not let anyone keep you from Using it!”

Hiyah, My name is Alexandria and I am you’re new favorite hair, skin, and wellness guru! Not only that but your friend who will always be there for you. Whether your needs are for your hair and skin or just simply to talk and get some things off your chest! Talking is the best medicine, want to stay healthy then LET IT GO!

I am 20, a full time student… I am going to be a elementary teacher, also I am a 9-5 kind of worker! I am in love with Jesus and I love sharing my faith and journey with people. I am an advocate for mental awareness, I have struggled with it myself, the medicine I am on is a daily dose of Jesus that gets me through everyday especially when I trust him! Speaking of which I love to encourage people and help them feel their best selves—Hair, Skin, Mentality and all!

And Here’s a Little Nugget:
The best advice I can give to you that I truly believe more than half of us struggle with is pleasing others; Life is full of too many surprises to care, so do you babe and make you happy. I have had to work three jobs to keep up in life and put aside my time for others and just so I could live. There is more to life than that and I do not intend making my bosses happy with all the work I am putting into them, just so one day which is not guaranteed I can get a promotion or a raise—No, not when I can do the same for myself.

Whether you are a Mom, College Student, 9-5er, or simply searching for more, anyone is capable of learning. If you’re looking for an extra income, needing a supportive community, wanting more freedom in your life, or just looking for more to fill up your cup, I’d love to chat.

Vegan and Clean beauty products are my thing— so you’re struggling with your hair and skin or you are just looking for clean products and supplements, I’m your girl.

Ask me if I have spots available for social media mentor ship, they go quickly!

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭31:25‬ ‭

Product Information

For the Stylist and Skeptics

I GET IT. You want the best for your clients and for yourself. ME TOO. Here’s a great resource that helps you to look further into the science behind the products, provided by professional product educators, whom are well known in the haircare industry for the work they do.

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