Need a change?

My name is Alexis Giacalone, but you can call me Alex or Lex! I’m 25 years young. I’m married to my best friend and couldn’t be happier! We have 2 beautiful, loving boys, ages 3 and 1. I work as a banquet server, but I also pitch luxury, vegan and naturally based hair and skin care full time. I’m originally from a small, quiet town in New Jersey, but currently living in a big city in Pennsylvania. My dream is to move to a whole new place and just explore!

For fun, I like to work my online business, spend time with my family, take cat naps (because who doesn’t) and of course, anything Disney is a way to my heart! Oh, and I’m a total bunny person!

Next, I’d just like to talk about my struggles because, let’s be honest, we all struggle in life in one way or another. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression back in high school. I was taken to a psychiatrist where she prescribed me pills.. let me tell you, I had never felt more like a zombie before those pills. Anyway, months go by, I was no longer taking them because my grandma found out that I wasn’t taking them anymore. Fast forward to 2013, she passes away and my life stops. Everything stops. The one who cared for me my whole entire life, gone. I talk about this a little more in the next slide, but I talk about my life and experiences because I know it could help someone who needs to hear it. If you’re going through an experience similar, I hope this helps because you’re not alone.

Finding Myself

Becoming Whole

I’m going to start off by saying that my grandma pretty much raised me my whole life. *I called her Gama. She was the one to talk to whether it was to vent or just chat, drop me off & pick me up from school (or anywhere), cooked breakfast, dinner, provided a roof over my head etc. She was my idol, even though I didn’t realize until she was gone.
She made it to see me graduate, but shortly after, she passed away. November 16, 2013 to be exact. My birthday. I’ll never forget the exact moment and time I heard the news. I fell to my knees, looked up at the sky and balled. I knew it was coming as the doctors told us she didn’t have much time left, but you’re never truly prepared for a moment like that. I wept and wept until I couldn’t anymore.
One week later, I’m sitting in the living room. We lived on the top floor of an apartment. It’s a cold November night. I look outside and I see a hummingbird come to the window and hover. If you know anything about hummingbirds, they don’t just fly around in the cold, at night or up high. Gama’s favorite bird was a hummingbird. I cried. That was my Gama. She’s okay. That was her checking up on me.
Fast forward to years later, I haven’t been myself since her passing. I cry every once in a while because I wish she could still be here, even though I know she’s in a better place. I feel lost at times because I want her advise and guidance.
February 9, 2020, I take a leap of faith and start a business. Crazy, right? To be honest, I took it because I needed to make an income while being a stay at home mom. Now, it’s so much more than that. I’m taking on a whole new me. I’ve never felt this good since I had Gama! I know it’s technically just another job, but it’s soooo much more! The girls (and guys) I work with are so empowering and supportive that I don’t know how I lived life without them! They’re my new family. I’ve gained the very best family that I could have ever asked for! I’ve finally found myself again and I know Gama is looking down on me with a smile.

What Made You Start?

My Family

The past few years of my life, give or take, have been the most stressful of years. Between being financially unstable, constantly switching jobs, raising 2 boys, I’ve nearly lost myself. I hated going anywhere because I would want to buy something or have to buy gas which, is expensive by the way. Anyway, I had other, more important things to buy, like diapers and food! And I needed that gas money to go there and not waste it on trip to buy a shirt on clearance or a mini backpack... on a keychain! *ahem* Back on track!
What made everything even worse was I had jobs from waitressing to office jobs. Hated all of them. Dreaded getting up in the AM having to get to work to be a zombie. I didn’t even have time to spend with my kids! I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided that I wanted one of those stay at home jobs. I search them into that little search bar on Google and.. half of these.. sound fake. Scams? False advertising? How am I supposed to know which ones are real and which ones aren’t? *scratch that*
After years of no more searching for stay at home jobs, my co worker comes up to me one day. She begins to tell me about these awesome all natural hair products! I go, “oh okay, cool” ya know, all nonchalant, right? Then I start to thinking, “wait did she mention it was a stay at home type job? ... I do need one of those since Ivan *my husband* is going into the Air Force and I’ll have to be at home with the kids.”
Roughly a month later, I’m thinking, alright. Let’s do this! Best. Decision. Of. My. Life. Let me tell you, I had NO idea what I was doing. Nothing. Started using the products and BOOM, that was it! If you had ever met me, you know how OILY my hair gets. Day 2, it already needs to be washed IMMEDIATELY. CODE RED. Now, I can go for, so far, 5 WHOLE DAYS without washing my hair! On day 3, I usually use some hair conditioning dry shampoo, but THAT’S IT. My life, and my family’s life has turned the tables, a complete 180°. I can finally say, “I get paid to wash my hair!” Not that I ever wanted to or intended on saying it, but the quote stuck with me. Now I kinda like it!