This is how I make money from IG

Let me start out by sharing a little bit about myself.

I am currently 18 years old, and this fall I will be attending college at the University of Utah studying business. This year I also decided to move out and live with my boyfriend. For about a year, I was waitressing and busting my ass off to be able to achieve my goals. Once corona happened, I no longer had a job and therefore had no money or way to move out and get my degree.

Now, I’m making money from wifi! This was the best switch I have ever made in my life. Not only am I improving my hair and skin (while getting paid to do so), but this opportunity has boosted my self-confidence on social media and just being able to talk to others.

I have the ability to make my own schedule, work from absolutely wherever I want, and have support from the best girl gang ever! Those of you who don’t personally know me, travelling is my passion, and this business allows me to earn free trips and a free car! For the longest time, I didn’t even know something this amazing existed.

Those of you just looking for some flawless vegan hair and skin products, I’m here to help!

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I am so happy I realized that I deserved more. I decided for myself that I was going to make the investment of a lifetime to be able to live the life I crave. I hope I can help YOU achieve your goals and help you make the change in your life!