Don't wait to travel, BEGIN Now!

A 21 year old girl still trying to find a purpose in this world. I finally took the chance to travel overseas alone, and I can say it was one of the best experiences in my life.
Back and forth from Florida and NYC, I've still yet to discover all there is that makes these places so special.

Do you have alot of locations on your bucketlist?
I know that I do considering I've only traveled to very few places.

First Time at the Dali Museum

When you become tired of the blazing heat outside in Florida, taking a trip to the Salvador Dali Museum is a must! Find inspiration in travel! As frequent Florida travelers, we didn't discover this museum until recently when we happen to book a stay in St. Pete's Beach. This museum was one of the few where I felt a sense of awe when walking through the doors as the museum seems to be an art piece all on it's own! The spiral staircase leading up to more of the exhibit has to be my favorite addition!

48 Hours in Seoul

Still worth every second!

Towards the end of 2019, I set aside all of my insecurities to accept my once in a lifetime opportunity, to study abroad. The feeling that one gets when finally achieving a dream didn't really hit me until I was boarding the plane to Seoul, South Korea. Although my trip was cut short unfortunately by a worldwide pandemic, I still got experience what it's like to be in a foreign country on the other side of the world. I would have to say that a few guardian angels kept me safe as I know it would've been even harder to adjust to a new environment if they weren't present. If I can do it, you can do it!

Ocracoke Island Adventure

As a form of transportation to Ocracoke Island, the ferry boat provides opportunities to relax while spending time with family. The last time we went, the weather was perfect, giving space for a nice ocean breeze. The island has the perfect atmosphere for people who enjoy being by the sea with the smell of fresh seafood and boat rides. My favorite part of Ocracoke Island is the little beach shops aligning the water. Oh and be sure to try their ice cream as well!

A Roof Top View of Downtown Staunton

During a time where the world has come to a halt, many of us are rethinking our lives, about the privileges we had before this pandemic came into existence. Climbing up multiple flights of stairs to watch the sunset, I realized Staunton is more beautiful than I give it credit for. Based on the intricate building structures, it wasn't hard for me to imagine being in a foreign country.

A Little Getaway to North Top Sail Beach

Looking for a getaway that allows you to have your own space? Check out North Top Sail Beach!
An island with mostly condos and houses, there is space for everyone to relax.
I know with the pandemic going on, North Top Sail Beach gave us the right conditions for enjoying a mini vacation but without the constant need to avoid people.
What's better than having your own place where you can see the ocean from your bedroom window?

A Taste of Korea: Tteokbeoki

Eating the same meals for about three months made me rethink my whole entire meal plan. Since missing out on studying abroad in Korea, I at least wanted to try more authentic food straight from Korea! So I took to trying tteokbeoki, a classic dish that many Koreans find to be delicious.
I'd have to admit that once opening the package to fix the tteokbeoki, I was a little scared that I might screw it up...
However, I cooked the tteokbeoki just right as I was able to taste the right amount of the gochujang sauce with the chewiness of the noodles aka spicy rice cakes. I want to thank Amazon for letting me enjoy some tteokbeoki!