1-1 Coaching

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My 1 on 1 online coaching program is designed to improve your strength and endurance while adding muscle mass and burning fat. Every client is tailored to their specific needs and goals. We will work together to get fit and strong not just physically but mentally.

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My fitness journey

Hi! I’m Alex. I’m 22 years old from Arizona. I committed to changing my life 4 years ago. Dealing and coping with severe anxiety throughout middle school and high school, the gym became my sanctuary, away from all the constant buzz and noise. I put in my headphones and did the little exercises I knew and I fell in love with the challenge. Within those 4 years I’ve found a desire and drive to continue my growth and help other individuals along the way who wanted to make a lifestyle change, like I did. I became a NASM certified personal trainer and found a passion for guiding people to their fittest self, through realistic and individualized coaching. I hope to inspire you to make a change for the better, to start now because you deserve to live your best life.

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Are you ready to make a change?

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