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Page 2............. Skin care (face and body)
Page 3............ Hair Care
Page 4............ Clothing (clothes, bags, footwear)
Page 5………… Make Up
Page 6............ Accessories (jewelries, shades, etc.)
Page 7............ Food
Page 8............. Daily Essentials (home, mask, etc.)
Page 9............. Lazada Links

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Hi Guys Here Are My Shopee Sale Recos

Check Out Mo Na Yan 😉

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Hydrogel screen protector

Elujai Propolis Serum

Diamond perfume automizer

Gluta berry lotion

Mga mare best lotion to 😭

Gluta berry himalayan soap

Gluta berry soap

Y.O.U beauty the rouge velvet matte lip cream

Valentines Day edition

Lemona collagen dark red

Lemona Collagen Light Pink

Crystal glow collagen

Alternative link dahil lagi sold out sa isa mga mare

Jrk dream crystal glow

Scarminator cream

Glow tonic toner

Scarminator soap

Paperclip bracelet

Remote for camera

Super sulit both working to sa ios and android mga mare

Cartier ring

I’m size 7 😜

Minimalist stainless brancelet (variant 1)

Cartier bangle

Gua sha (authenthic crystal)

Nipple silicone tape

Gua sha plastic (light pink)

Gua sha (marble)

Alcohol Spray Mist

Tyeso Stainless Tumbler (600ml)

Red Velvet Crinkles

Sampaloc candy

Melatonin for kids

Melatonin for adults

Luxe organix light ash brown

Barebella hot wax

Sugardolls sunscreen

3w clinic sunblock

59 pesos boyfriend shorts

Elujai propolis serum 1 box

Foxy bony stainless steel jewelries

Fivever clothing (overruns)

Nature replublic aloe vera gel

3w clinic collagen cleanser

Somebymi bye bye blackheads

Slim belt

Abonne with queen k sunflower oil

Luxe organix niacinamide intensive whitening underarm cream

Luxe Organix aloe vera gel

Deonat spray papay

Luxe organix aloe vera scrub


I got color black & cream in size medium

Khaki trousers

I got color khaki in size medium

Queen k Sunflower oil

Aloe vera & snail soothing gel

Luxe organix niacinamide aloe vera & snail + kojic acid shower cream

Luxe Organix niacinamide + aloe vera & snail velvet body cream

Hanami mnl

Dior dupe bracelet

Black (Variant 18)

Dior dupe bracelet

Daisy (pink)

Bremod hair color

Dark ash blonde

Bremod oxidizer

Face shield acetate refill

Oversized white polo

I got size XL

St. Benedict stainless pendant/ chain

Chain: # 18
Pendant: #2

Gold paperclip chain necklace

Black flat wedge sandals

Size up kayo besties bc maliit sizing

Black crop tank top

Taupe crop tank top

Korean style square pants

I got color brown

Rei germar dupe ring

Nipple tape

Gomo sim

3w clinic eye cream

Oxecure acne clear potion

Oxecure acne clear powder mud

Keratin plus shampoo daily nourishing

Keratin plus shampoo anti hair fall

Phone stand

Phone chain strap

Chanel flap dupe bag

Balenciaga dupe bag

LV mini speedy dupe bag

Zara chain shoulder bag

Mga mare sobrang ganda neto 1700 to sa zara HAHAHAHAHA beige small yung sakin

Prada hobo dupe bag

78 pesos baguette bag

Seamless sports bra

Blk lip and cheek tint

Shade: cherry

Blk airy matte tint

Shade: poppy

Blk gloss gel tint

Shade: summer time

Careline best brow liner

Yeezy slides dupe

Beige Face mask

Kf94 face mask

Luxe organix rose cleansing balm

Daisy face mask holder

4ply black face mask

Gold small hoop earrings

Sace lady tinted brow gel

Crocs platform

Barbie crocs jibbitz

Sanicare mini wipes

Butterfly face mask holder

TCPS x Alexis phone strap charm collab

Korean heart earrings

Dreamface unicorn dream lip

Shade: cherry pout

Retrobea milky castor oil

Pink phone case with heart strap

Sleep buddies bed sheet

Edifier x3 bluetooth earbuds

O.two.o eyelash curler

Fashion 21 double up mascara

KSM Room diffuser

Buy 1 take 1 Lola Remdios

Lapel mic

Romoss powerbank

Lightsout room mist

Scent: vanilla

Dr. Smile Charcoal tooth powder

Magic silica phone sticky pad

Strip off hair removal

Elephant ears headband

Zara plain crop tank top

Tony moly lip tint

Shade: #2

Kjm liptint

Ryx cotton puff

Ryx invisible sunshield

Ryx sunshield

Ryx sanitary pad

Ryx epsom salt scrub

Magnetic lashes

KSM eyebrow pomade

Angled Eyebrow brush

Concealer brush

Flip flops

Two strap birks dupe

One strap birks dupe

Digital Weighing scale

Ariana Grande graphic shirt

G21 slimming drink

Korean exfoliating mitt

Anti bacterial hand soap

Glow quest candle with crystal

Lights-out ph candle

Cartier ring

Cotton on crop tank top

I got color black in size small

Zara crop top

I got color latter brown in size medium

Ring light

I got 33cm Light + 2.1m Tripod (super sturdy niya besties sulit)

Cable cord protector

Edifier earbuds barbie case

Doble kara beaded necklace

Luxe organix Keratin argan oil

Luxe organix color shampoo

Charmz and crystalz

Incense, Incense Holder, Crystal, Lucky Charms

Jogger pants

Khaki- 3XL
Black- 3XL


Baby Pink- 2XL
Khaki- 3XL

Yoga mat

Sports bra (with zipper)

Free size lang siya mga mare pero strechy naman siya

Purple Corset top

H&m inspired shorts

Kapal ng tela for only 79 pesos din mga besties

Brazilian blowout with collagen

I got 250 ml ang dami pa natira HAHAHAHAHA

Stainless straw

Cable for cord

Wall Phone holder

Cream eyeglasses

Colourette Colourbalm

Shade: morena
Sobrang moisturizing mga besties love it!! Plus ganda ng shade

Catness sleep essential

Sarap matulog mga mare lalo na yung essential oil super bango!!

Focallure liquid blush

Shade: pink lady

Open back round neck crop top

Gold face mask necklace

Variant: #082

Anti fog towel for glasses

Mushroom case (wildflower inspired case)

Mga mare customize case to pero pwede niyo naman show yung pic if want niyo yung katulad sakin hihi

Phone charm

Beyoutiful mnl hd matte tint

Mare sobrang ganda ng formula huhu

Mango side ruched

Size: medium

Pull & bear cami top

Fragrant options

Mga mare super bango ng essential oils at yung car diffuser pabudol na kayo HAHAHAHA

S&h mystery parcel

Mga mare sulit neto nagamit ng ate ko yung inopen ko matibay siya 😂

Hello glow rosewater mist

Better Cosmetics Magic lip balm

Mga mare ang ganda lahat ng shades and formula huhu

Better cosmetics lip care oil


Mga mare para to sa mga di makapigil pag tinatawag ng kalikasan para di na nakakahiya pag nasa public cr HHAHAHAAHA

White/ mocha Jogger pants

Variant: mocha and white

Fushion hair care products

Purple Shampoo, purple conditioner, hair treatment

Automatic hair curler

Crop puff sleeves

Birthday fit!! Got size medium 🥰

Lanbena nose pore strip

Pearl necklace

Kojic scrap soap

Kf94 mask

I hot color peach, khaki & pink ps: Super ganda ng peach huhu

Fake nails

Variant: JP1606 & JP1506

Nail glue

Mini coin purse

Variant: mocha

Shein square neck top

Variation: brown, black

Cut out turtle neck top

Zara square neck top

I got size medium in oyster white

Suave dry shampoo

Blk skin tint sunshield

Shade: vanilla

Green totebag

Variant: 9

Zara corset top

I got size medium

Highwaist linen shorts

Nacific skin care products

Mare may libreng photocards ng stray kids!! Checkout na!!

Square neck tank top

I got color sunshine and walnut (ganda ng qual neto mga bestis for only 79 pesos sulit na)

89 pesos turtle neck top

Mga mare ang ganda ng black at orange

Squad cosmetics

Luxe organix nose patch

Mga mare lahat ng sebo sa ilong nakukuha neto grabe 🤪

Lanbena foot peel mask

Ariana grande perfume

Cross tie crop top

I got size medium

3 blade electric fan

Eyeglass straw

Luxe organix cherry blossom hand cream

Luxe organix sweet almond hand cream

Luxe organix lavander hand cream

G21 porefect blurr

Make up primer

G21 billionaire mascara

G21 pimple patch

Good manner mask

Etude fixing tint

Mushroom chicharon

Tokyo coffee

Gavrything hair reborn keratin treatment

Remit shampoo

Mozer hair blower

Cozy and chic

Sweater (ang ganda mga mare huhu) and face mask

Camille top and wide leg pants

Biker shorts

Luxe Organix night pimple patch

48 pcs na to besties

Brown case

Sace lady concealer

Sheer mesh long sleeve top

Flower hair clamp

Morandi hair clamp

Variant: beige

Detail blackberry jam

Index flat iron

Orange sports bra

Korean rubber sandals

One size up besties

Resin handmade mask chain

Cartier nail bracelet

Cartier bracelet

Same shop with cartier nail bracelet

Pore brush

Oil absorption roller

Orange case

Knitted vest

Mat silicone brush cleaner

Minimalist necklace

Variant: Q

Small heart necklace

Brush hair straightener

Facial tissue

Portable paper soap

Automatic foam dispenser

Minimalist spoon cover

For spices

Alcohol spray mist

Marc jacobs daisy inspired

Butter knife

Gentle monster dupe

Vanilla bean noel decant

1 gallon ethyl alcohol

1 gallon isopropyl alcohol

Zara polo crop top

I size small in brown

Square glass alcohol spray bottle

Variant: pink

Mini cutter

Soiè led light therapy glow mask

Hydrogel screen protector

Scented alcohol

Variant: lanvin eclat & angel’s breath (100ml)

Luxe organix castor oil conditioner

B1t1 mga mare!!

Simple hue shaky bum bum scrub

Icare Brazilian blowout

Get sugared wax

Chanel inspired perfume bottle

Marc jacobs daisy inspired bottle

Diamond mini refillable automizer

Rkitchen sweet and spicy tuyo

Ministar lip plumper

Acrylic cylinder brush holder

Sunflower crochet

Hello glow tinted sunscreen

Sacelady volume curl waterproof mascara

Acrylic lipstick holder

Oxecure acne lotion

Phone stand

Mini hair iron

Cotton storage basket

Eyebrow razor

Mask storage

Metal rack

Variant: 5 tiers white

Plastic box organizer

Variant: medium & large

Focallure blush


Ashley hair color

Variant: 110/0

Ashley oxidizer

Variant: 9% oxidizer

Ysl shades dupe

Variant: black

Sacelady primer

Sacelady foundation

Breylee tea tree blackheads mask

Hello glow anti acne set

Pinkflash eyebrow pomade

Orange and apple green zara strappy top

I got size large

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