June 1 2021 - Sept 14 2021

Are you ready to take on the challenge!?

My journey

You can & YOU WILL! I am proof its possible!

For the last 4 years I have been really focusing on my health. Through obstacles, finding the best product for me, the best diet or next fad that worked.. I didn’t give up and learned to be grateful for the next thing that I got to mark off the Tried list and love the ones that worked for a bit to get me to that next part of my journey. From almost 300 pounds to 150 officially today, and so many inches gone. I will tell you there was days where I wanted to give up. To quit. But glad I didn’t.

I’ve been on both sides. And it isn’t about the product. Your the magic sauce and this is your crutch. So let me support you and guide you with what I did.

—————————- let’s fast forward to ketones <3

When I started ketones the end of May 2021, I was in a place where I didn’t know what was next. I didn’t even know where I was emotionally, mentally, Health wise. But I decided to give it my all and hopefully it helped. I was at one of my lowest of my healthiest. If that makes sense. I was going through anxiety, daily panic attacks, I was smoking cigarettes again, I was depending on yucky food to make me happy. I had no self control. All my clothes weren’t fitting anymore. Went up almost three pant sizes. I was sad. I was lost. And I was just tired of always having another next before photo. I knew I needed to get my hands on the best of the best. It was my next promotion of my health journey. The next thing that I commit to, was going to be the for all. Or I wasn’t doing it.

So started off with the challenge, just a trialing customer. And with in my first couple days. Everyone was telling me I was so much more calm and happier. And i felt it too. I wasn’t having panic attacks. I wasn’t crying. I wasn’t having anxiety or super depressed or anxious. I had energy all day. And it was calm steady good energy. No jitters. No bouncing off the walls. As I continued products. I started to notice big changes in my mood, my sleep, I was out side with my kids all the time, I was cooking at home, I wanted healthier food, my body was melting away! I was in smaller clothes that was in my save for later when I get skinny pile. My face is so much tighter, plumper, and toned. It’s so much slimmer too. No more mood swings. Muscle is forming and now officially as I write this today. I officially haven’t smoked a cigarette in 3 months! Don’t bite my nails anymore! I finally wanted to work out for the first time, I’m on day to of working out and a week in of walking with the family. I am saving so much money at grocery stores and no eating out as much!

I have my life back. I feel amazing for the first time in my life and I mean that. I use think what amazing felt like until I really felt it and experienced it. To finally know what a good night sleep or a focused clear mind is. I’m good. And this is just a few of the great things that has happened for me so far. Just don’t want to talk your ear off.

Just give it a chance. See what it does for you! Because it’s not about me. I inspired you to want more in life, but now it’s your time to take it and let’s run with it. This is your time!

Until I update this again,
Love your friend ❤️ Alexis Laree

Dated : September 14 2021

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Don’t give up on YOU

If I could help one person be inspired to get healthy for their self, it was all worth it!

Take back your life! This is your time. ♥️ I have been on all paths of this journey.

If I can do it. You can. It doesn’t happen over night! You have to meet whatever supplements that are made for you in the middle and give it your all. Does that mean jump into a crazy diet and work out. NO. I haven’t worked out this whole journey until I finally felt ready too. And that was yesterday lol. Just have your heart in it. And believe you can! And if not. I got tons of belief. You can borrow mine for a bit. And let me support you. This is your time!

If I can. You can!!!

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YOU deserve to WIN!

Top tips of crushing your health goals!

1. Don’t give up! You can’t win if the finish line is cut before you even get there!

2. DONT DEPRIVE! If you want cake. EAT the DAMN CAKE! Don’t eat every day. Of course moderation and listen to your body. But when we deprive we want it more. And then SPLURGE!

3. Stop comparing your journey to everyone else’s!
It’s your journey. Your scars. We have all lived a different life and have different battle wounds to surpass at different times first. ♥️

4. Ask for help. No one know that you need support if you don’t tell them.

5. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water.

6. Shoot for less sugar and carbs. Not saying diet. Just limit it.

7. Enjoy the process! Losing our health It didn’t happen over night. So it won’t come off over night.

8. THROW THE DAMN SCALE AWAY! Muscle weighs more than fat. The scale doesn’t show even half of the picture!


10. Every single bite of food. Say “this is the most loving thing for my body” (even if it may not be. You tell your mind that. And own it! 🙌)

You totally GOT this! & if your ready to have one of the best products on the market to support you! Grab the challenge now !!!!!

Common questions I have got…

Feel free to text me with any questions you may have too! 970-363-6005

1. Do You have to do the KETO diet?

Absolutely not.

2. Did you work out?

I did not. I started working out yesterday (September 14 2021 very mildly) but get up and move. I love dancing and tiktoks.

3. How long will it take?

Everyone is different. Come in to this just expecting to feel better. When we come in with less expectations we’re able to actually enjoy the process and journey instead of stressing our self out over a silly scale number of a “cheat day”

4. Do you have to diet at all?

Nope. Just eat in moderation. Low carb but no depriving! Eat it if you want it. Just don’t have bad food every day!

5. What makes ketones different?

Tons of info on the challenge link in bio. Watch the camp fire video. It’ll blow your mind.

Keep in mind! This is the best of the best I have ever experienced, and I’m so happy where I am. ♥️

6. Will I maintain my goals if I stop?

That is why working on personal goals is super important. Maybe it’s breaking habits like Coke and stuff that just isn’t good for you. Also, I will NEVER stop the products because the way I feel daily. The alive feeling, and how present I am. I have got my life back!

Ready to order but don’t know where to start?

I got started off with the number one best 10 day keto challenge in the nation!

The 10 day challenge is the best way to get started because it is a full 10 day experience with 20 drinks. So you can do the recommended amount a day. One in AM. One in PM. I loved personally the full experience of the trial, really helped me see if this product was for me. And I loved being able to get all different flavors and charged and uncharged in a variety pack. Gave me an idea of what to look forward to, and get the whole package at a discounted price!

I also was able to set up smart ship with it. So that was great! It gave me a discount for further orders if I fell in love with it. Which I did. & also gave me the eligibility to earn store credit for FREE products and also activated my clock for my 3 for FREE gift bag.

This is the best and most recommended way for every customer to get started the right way! I will drop the link for the challenge down below!

I’m so excited for you!

After you order yours! Text ORDERED with your name to 970-363-6005. So we can connect! I can’t wait to be friends and support you! We’re in this together!

What is the 24 HR FAST & REBOOT?

Checking out and it’s asking to add the REBOOT? Press yes!

I always say if you can. Then yes! The 24 Hour fast & Reboot are limited time products. They are only released the first few days of each month. Because we do those together as a community. One of my favorite things. 🥰 we don’t do this alone! So with it only here at the beginning of each month. You normally can’t get it until the next round, so grab it now due to it let’s you add yours to your first order when you buy your challenge and you get a discount from the company to Celebrate you for not only going in and getting started, but pairing the two.

I love the fasts because they make you feel so amazing after. My results with the fasts are, Less bloated, super wide awake and energetic, completely clear headed and ready to go. Pictures showed a huge difference in me with in a 24 hour time frame. Of course everyone’s results will be different. But the fast are magical 🙌

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Benefits of Ketones!

3 months of BETTER for me!

✨ Fat loss
✨ Muscle preservation
✨ Mind clarity & focus
✨ All natural clean energy
✨ Better sleep
✨ Skin, hair, and nails
✨ Appetite control and cravings support
✨ Digestion
✨ Joint support
✨ Better mood
✨ Brain support

Stop focusing on what if it doesn’t work.. & focus on what if it DOES!?


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Of course, if you have to pick one! Start with challenge.

1 . Challenge- it’s the perfect trial package
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Let’s do this! So excited for you! Everyone’s order will always be different! Do what is best for you!!!

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