Meet The Face Of The Brand

An Overview

I think it’s important you know I absolutely Love Slim Jim’s.

L.o.v.e. Them! Lol

Name: Alexis Meikle | Age: 27 | Born & Raised in South Florida | Boy-mom to a pretty cool kid!

The Gag Is|•
I used to be a hot mess but God took my mess and is turning it into a masterpiece.

I’m still being developed but the work he’s done thus far is worth talking about and acknowledging because...

My attitude was a Mess.
My Outlook on life was skewed.
I had real deal trust issues.
I really wasn’t with the sh*ts 😩

.... I think That scratches the surface 😭

But God saw something different in me & literally transformed me!

Through my Spiritual Journey God has worked on My IDENTITY (because you won’t get far in life not knowing who you are), took me through a refining process, revealed His PURPOSE for my life & so much more.

My purpose has led me to created a faith-based community called The Blush Society designed to empower & equip others.

We are rooted in Gods love and built on transparency, transformation, and perseverance.

Y’all know how Paul went from killing Christians to saving them... I’m no killer but I resonate with his story because one real encounter with God has changed my life !

If you have time check out, The Blush Society and listen to My podcast that sheds light on my transformational testimony below 💕

The Girl Behind The Mic