My story🖤

Hi guys! My name is Alexis and I wanted to share with everyone my story and most importantly why I joined this business,

For years I’ve held jobs that have taken time away from my family and I was ready to do something about that! I married my wonderful husband in August of 2020 and gave birth to our miracle baby in February of 2021. I decided it was time to make a change! I wanted to spend more time with my family, AND do something I’m passionate about. During my pregnancy, i realized how important it is to use natural, clean products and this is something I’d love to share with others!

I was so skeptical of starting in this business because I didn’t believe I could do it- who would want to buy anything from me? I definitely don’t have many followers, how would I even do this? What I CAN tell you is so far I have been surrounded by some of the most empowering women there is and have been given so much more confidence. Not only is this business giving me an extra paycheck, but giving me the confidence I need and in turn making me a better wife and a better mom.