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My story....

Every since I can remember I’ve always had a passion for beauty, skincare, & hair products. I loved sharing my skincare routine on Instagram stories and recommending products to my followers. I only had about 500 followers (maybe less) at the time.

When Abbie (my upline, now bestie) reached out to me when I was in Guatemala I was shocked because I had never been offered something like this. I scheduled a call with her right when I got home from the airport. Yes I was shy, timid, nervous & skeptical the whole time but I was also so intrigued! i was going to be making money right from my phone by doing something I already do! I was also going to start college in the fall so I needed a flexible job.

So I said yes right away. 1 year later & I’m so so thankful to be apart of this business. It’s given me confidence, more time freedom, & besties all over the world. My Instagram followers have grown organically & my engagements are better than ever. This business has given me so much!

Whether your a college student like me, or a mom, or just someone that needs or wants an extra stream of income let’s chat! You never know where life can lead you just by saying “yes”.