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Hello & Welcome!

Hi, let me introduce myself!
I’m Alexsandra, but better known as Ally.

When I was in High school, I struggled with my own skin and skin care routine. I had acne before anyone else did my age and yes you guessed it, I got teased and called those lovely names. Growing up, my means of information came in forms of teen bop magazines and well, YouTube bloggers were just coming on the scene. Yup just dated myself right there, Haha! I tried products left and right, did those DIY’s, watched YouTube videos, or read all the articles.

This, you could say is when my interest in skincare started / peaked and my passion grew. After researching endless ways of how the skin reacts the way it does, and how the ingredients, skin concerns and underlying conditions played a huge role. I knew this was the path in life for me. I wanted to help people feel the best in their skin and make their skin look it’s best healthy self. That you are not the only one that struggled to understand ones skin.

I received my esthetician license from Empire Beauty School, in New Hampshire. When I took the state boards for my license, I went right into working at a Medical Spa that further my education and certifications, and the opportunity to work with top of the lines skincare companies. This is where I truly found a passion for the medical side of esthetics. 

But in 2020 when the world stoped and the pandemic happen, I had time to take a real look at where I wanted to advance. I knew where I was at the time, I was going to be limited to how far I could go or offer. I also felt something was missing while I was treating the skin. That quick fixes with these medical grade treatments where lacking connection of the under lying conditions. That the skin was not some quick fix, that it takes time and knowledge of the dynamics of how it works naturally to heal and mend its self. That there was no personal touch to these quick turn over and move to the next medical treatments.

This is where I found myself looking back at the teenage me. Days spent learning the Holistic approach without realizing at the time it was Holistic. I knew that I had to expand my knowledge and reignite my passion for the Holistic side of Esthetics. That is when 2020 changed my path and made a dream become a reality. I decided to leave the medical spa and branch out on my own where I knew I would be able to continue my journey with out limited possibilities.

This is when Alexsandra Esthics was born. My passion and drive is to continue to make Alexsandra Esthetic not only a relaxing spa atmosphere, but a safe place with no judgment. A space to receive guidance to support your skins natural ability to function while educating, simplifying, and empowering you with self care you deserve.

I truly believe that understanding why your skin reacts in certain ways, how it functions, underlying conditions that may be triggers , and given the right information and tools will set you up with success within your own skincare routine and journey to healthy glowing skin that doesn’t have to be difficult. I want to keep it simple but effective for you and your skin. Guiding your skin towards its healthiest state naturally, while promoting relaxation in to your life.