Table of contents

- About me
- Colouring tut
- Fonts I use
- Important stuff
- Ibf application
- Grateful card
- Cc, tc and S/O
- Final

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About me

Talking about me!

Hi there! <3 My name is Alexia as you can see... And here are some things about me!
Age: 11
Fav colors: red, blue and black
From: Canada
Idols: Char and Addi
I love sports like kayak, ski, volleyball, tennis, basketball, ect
I’m sososo grateful for you guys. Ilysm. I have some amazing ibfs and I love them all. If you wanna know more about me feel free to ask <33

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Colouring and fonts <33

My previous cafe colouring only with colourtone:
First. Go on colourtone and select your vid then choose the avalon filter. Save.
Now go back on colourtone and create your own filter:
Exposure: -055
Highlights: +050
Shadows: 00
Temperature: +8
Tint: 0
Vibrance: -2
Saturation: +1,00
Now save this in filters and next time it’s wayyy easier.

Fonts I use the most:
Moms diner
Rainy hearts
Cheeky rabbit
Letters for learners
Cloudy days
Children sans
Linux libertine
Miss kindy
Lemon milk
And a lot more!

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Talk to me and a link for wlm

Hi there! Sometimes life sucks. Yea it does. But in my opinion when life sucks for you the best thing to do is to talk to someone, anyone. If sometimes you’re just about to give up, feel free to talk to me. I’ve been there too yk and sometimes I go back in there. Whenever you want, feel free to comment on any of my recent and let it all out. Sometimes it’s ok if you don’t want too in front of everyone so you can just ask for my snap. In my opinion I’m one of the best person to talk to like I said I’ve been there too.

Ily and I care. You could feel like no one don’t but remember I do.
I’m here fy guys

Wlm! Sarah Everard link here


Grateful card

I’m so grateful for everyone of you! Idek how to thank you... here is what I am grateful for:

- My 6k beautiful followers
- My supporters
- My 1 fp
- My 4 actives (yup)
- My ibfsss <33 ilygsm
- Especially Bob the builder
Im so grateful that I had the chance to know who Charli and
Addison are. Without them idek where I would be rn. They are so amazing and tbh you are too xx
Anyways ilysm and you are amazing <333

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Cc, tc and s/o

Colouring creds: me but it was ib someone else

Theme creds: it was ib addscollage/addsravens but she got banned and idk what’s her other acc

- iskcharls
- I don’t have anyone else for now

If you wanna have a S/O on this page all you have to do is:
- Follow me obv
- Like my recent (don’t spam I’ll block you)
- Copylink (optional but will help me)
- Follow the other ppl that I gave a S/O
- Comment on my recent when done and tell me you want a shoutout on my website
- Wait...
- If I forget just remind me

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