Hey Gorgeous!

I’m so glad you’re here!

With being a 20 year old & wanting more for myself, I decided to take back my life and actually do something that I enjoy!

I am not only doing this for myself but for my future because going from paycheck to paycheck is not the life I want. I want to be able to travel without facing any other problems, buy something without feeling guilty for it and to be financially stable without stressing out so much.

It wasn’t until I ran across a tiktok promoting a way to make an income, not only from your phone, but from the comfort of your own home, that I had an realization that I finally said “Why not? Why not take the risk and make my lifestyle an income?!”

A month later, YES, A month later! I’m able to pay for things that I said no to before! I’m able to pay off debt, get into a new apartment with no worries & support myself, only at 20!

If you’re in the same boat, then you’re here. Tired of working that boring day in and day out job, that’s barely letting you make ends meet. You want something from the comfort of your own home, something you can do all from your phone.
So are you ready?
Take the leaps

How to Apply

Before we get you started, I want to know a little more about you and let you know a little more info!

Things that you will learn from me!
•How to make an income on Instagram and Facebook
•How to create eye catching & aesthetic IG and FB
•How and what to post about the biz
•Grow your following!
•How to become a successful influencer
& more!

I want you to take a moment and answer these questions out loud:
•Am I willing to learn?
•Am I money driven?
•Am I hardworking?
•Will I give this 110%?
•Am I open minded?
•Am I willing to adapt to this change?
•Will I let this take me out of my comfort zone?

If you answered YES to any of the above, I CANNOT WAIT TO WORK WITH YOU!🤍

Are you ready?
Take your leap of faith.

Fill out the application below and lets get you started🥰

A ticket to a better life ✨🤍