About Me

Let me introduce myself...

Helloooooo everyone!
My name is Alex, I’m a 19 year old esthetician, bartender and business owner. I always felt like my story wasn’t unique or “good enough” to share on social media, but I realized my purpose here is to help other young girls (some of you) to find your passion just like I found mine. I’m a beauty and self-care lover, vodka cranberry obsessed, success craving normal New York gal that wants to teach you how to live your best life because...shouldn’t we all be living our dream???

How can I help you?
1. I train and teach TONS of women that are passionate about beauty and leveling up in their life how to succeed and hit every goal they want to accomplish. I will mentor you, hold your hand every step of the way and in other words, never let you give up.
2. I can provide you with the best vegan hair and skin care on the market, yes I said the BEST. My company is the fastest growing anti-aging haircare company in the US and we recently added skincare to our roster in September. Being an esthetician and just overall beauty OBSESSED I only use and recommend products I BELIEVE in. If you’re looking for naturally based products that work, I gotchu.
3. If you’re local to Long Island, New York, I can personally perform facial, waxing, makeup, and lash services on you. Licensed esthetician and PCA certified I’m here for all of your glow-getting needs. Just call me your go to beauty BFF.
XO babe


When things change inside you, things change around you.

Want to help women in need?

Being apart of this amazing company has inspired me to give back to my community in any way I can!

‘Tis the season of giving! I will be taking donations in the month of December for products to be dispersed amongst women in the US, The Beauty Bus Foundation delivers beauty products to women in shelters, domestic abuse administrations, and even women losing hair due to chemotherapy. I will be taking the donation money to purchase naturally-based, vegan, gluten free, hair and skin products through the company that I work for to then be shipped to women everywhere! Because we say “No” to many harmful ingredients it’s unlikely that anyone would be allergic or have harmful reactions to the products! I’m taking donations through Venmo (@alex-pentecost) and Paypal (https://www.paypal.me/alexandriapentecost ) and we thank you for any and all donations made!!

*I am not taking any commissions from these purchases. All photos used were taken from the beauty bus foundation website*