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The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence

Hey lovely!

If you made it to my page, welcome! I’m so excited you’re here! A little about me:
I’m a college graduate, with a degree and license in teaching. You may think it’s crazy that I’m putting teaching on hold for what... shampoo? But we will get to that later.

If you’ve been following along with my journey, you know how it all started. For those who are new to all of this, I had a drastic change in my hair over the period of a few months. My hair used to be long and thick to the point where I had my grandma, who is a hair stylist, thin it every time she’d give it a trim. So experiencing a time where I’d brush my hair and clumps of hair start coming off, was just another thing on top of a time full of stress, anxiety, and trying to figure out what to do with my life.

Hair loss, breakage, loss of confidence, loss of feeling comfortable in my own body. It may have been due to stress - everything I had experienced in my student teaching that partly led to wanting a different path for myself. Or maybe it was the products I was using. I still don’t know. Eventually my grandma chopped it, and I started over. I tried so many different hair products to see what could help me regain what I had lost, and nothing gave me results or made my hair feel healthy. Until I found natural-based, non-toxic, vegan products customized to my hair type and concerns/goals that truly made me feel good about myself and my hair again. They gave me results I was looking for to repair my hair and grow it back stronger, while also healing my dry, acne prone face.

I never thought I would be so passionate about what I put on my hair and skin. But what you use and put on your body matters🤩

My mission now is to help people like these products helped me. I want to give others the chance to switch their products and get the hair and confidence that Im so lucky to have now. I want everyone to feel good about themselves in a way they’ve never felt before. And I want to share the opportunity of mobilized income, whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a full time job of being your own boss. My goal is to build a team with like-minds, that want to do big things: dream big, work hard, create the life you dream of✨