Legacy 110 Collective

Health Wealth Impact

Here to show you that you can create the life you desire. To tell you that you are capable of achieving your dreams of HEALTH, WEALTH, and FINANCIAL freedom from anywhere you choose as long as you are willing to show up for yourself.

Sharing my Story, my Vision, and my Purpose of building a global team of LEGACY creators who give 110% to their health, their family, & their business and Collectively rise not only making a residual income but, more importantly a residual impact.

About Me —

I am a wife to an amazing, loving, patient, & supportive man. Together we are raising our blended family of 3 teenagers, 1 pup, and some chickens. Lover of tattoos, gym time, kangen H2O, & reading.

I spent my younger years as a single parent to a special needs child, while juggling college and waiting tables and working at a cigar store. After college I got a job as a paralegal in a criminal defense firm and in 8 years worked my way up to senior paralegal.

I found myself in constant guilt as I tried to prioritize my son's needs with my job...it wasn't working.

I knew I wanted to create a business for myself that allowed for the time I wanted with my family, the health benefits to decrease my stress & anxiety, and the ability to have said business not only be profitable but to allow for something bigger...to show others it is possible and to build something great with those few who were really ready.

When you want something bad enough, you find a way.

Currently building a business based around health & wellness and helping others do the same while being able to be at home & focus on what is most important to me- My Health, My Family, My Legacy.