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Aloha beautiful,

My name is Alica. I was born and raised in Germany but fulfilled my first lifelong goal and moved to Hawai’i straight after graduating from high school.

The past 7 years I’ve been working as an Adventure Guide for Adventures by Disney, which has been a Dream come True! I’ve met amazing people while traveling the world.

I have always been a go getter, yet very very shy. My job as a tour guide helped me come out of my shell. And you know why? Because I love what I do!

When COVID hit, I felt lost because I wasn't able to do what I enjoyed. I did a lot of inner work and self-development which led me to really taking care of myself and my health!

I finally said YES to ME!

I started living a plant-based lifestyle, started enjoying home workouts and continued with a lot of mindset work. I lost weight and gained confidence. I have become who I always wanted to be. I have never felt this good about myself.

With this big transformation I realized that I have found a new passion. I have found a new purpose. I knew I wanted to help other women live the life of their dreams! I knew I could help women transition to a (flexible) plant-based diet so that they could feel and look their best, just like I did.

So I went for it. I got certified as a Life Coach as well as an NLP Practitioner (Neuro-linguistic-programming). In addition, I took weight-loss and vegan lifestyle courses through the Center of Excellence.

I am so grateful for the doors that have been opened to me based on these lifestyle changes I successfully integrated. It was hard, with lots of tears shed... but in the end it was so worth it! And you are worth it too!

So my friend, … Let me help YOU go from day dreaming to action taking so you can start living a more meaningful life, looking and feeling your best!


Start living your life now

I help women go from day-dreaming to action-taking. Start living the life you love while looking and feeling your best!

Within my coaching programs I put emphasis on two different parts:

This part of my coaching focuses on replacing unhealthy habits and patterns so that you can create a lifestyle that matches your goals. You will learn to pay attention to what your body needs like self care and movement. I will introduce you to a (flexible) plantbased diet, share recipes and weightloss tips so you can reach your health goals. We will work together to create an individualized plan that works best for you long-term!

Whether your goal is weight loss, boosting energy, body positivity, or simply taking better care of yourself, I am here to educate you, support you, and keep you on track.


A big piece of your success will have to do with managing your mindset. I will help you to dive deep and figure out what kind of life you want to live and how you can start living it! We will be discussing your goals, what has been holding you back from reaching them, and how to focus your attention to finally make progress toward your dreams. I will help you use your brain to work WITH you instead of against you! This deep mindset work will inspire you to take action to do the things you truly love - do you want to travel? Go on more outdoor adventures? Start that business? It all starts with your mindset!

My goal for you (and for all my clients) is to live your dream life. From my own personal experience and from working with previous clients, it is very often health, weight, body image, physical limitations, and negative mindset that hold you back. This is why my coaching program focuses heavily on both the body and the mind.

Using powerful techniques, I will help you to go deep and uncover what you truly want, what has been holding you back (limiting beliefs), and what you need to do to move forward. You will gain confidence, feel more energized, get unstuck, and be so excited for life!

See below for my 2 programs I currently offer!

Mind Boost and Body - 10 week program

Do you feel like you are missing out on life because of your health?

Do you miss feeling confident and feeling “yourself”?

Are you experiencing lack of energy and know it’s holding you back from living the life you want?

Are you sitting on the couch daydreaming about the life you want but not taking action?

Are you ready to make changes that actually work?

If your answers were yes, then this is for you!

With this program you will
- Know your WHY
- Be clear on your goal
- Replace limiting beliefs with beliefs that will support you and your future goals
- Break bad habits and unhealthy patterns
- Be introduced to a (flexible) plant-based diet and see all the benefits to eating nutritious plant-based food
- Receive recipe ideas and weightloss tips
- Become your healthiest self whatever that may mean to you. This could mean losing some weight, gaining energy, or simply learning to love your body
- Start living the Life of your dreams
- Gain confidence and self-love
- Experience a mind body transformation the way you never have before

You will receive full support from me through 10 x 60 minute coaching sessions, personalized resources, recipes, workbooks, and email support for the entire duration of the program. I will be your biggest cheerleader!

This program is for you if you are willing to be open and honest (with me but mainly with yourself) to fully experience a life changing transformation. You must be willing to do the work and commit to yourself.

What do you say? Are you ready to change your life?

Are you ready to finally say YES to you?

I need this

100 Minutes to Weightloss

The 100 Minutes to Weight Loss program helps you to kickstart your health journey. During the 100 minute coaching session, we will work together to create an Inspired Action Plan specifically geared to your health goals. You will receive customized resources, recipes, and more! To make sure you are set up for success in the future, you will have another 45 minute follow up session with me two weeks later. We will stay in close contact between the two calls to ensure your success!

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