Beauty with a Purpose

Become a force for good - Allie

A little girl dreamt of doing more with her life. She could not pinpoint exactly what at that tender age of 13. She knew she wanted to be happy. She knew she wanted things money could not buy. She knew she wanted to love herself and know her worth. She knew she wanted to work her dream job. She was compassionate and loved to help others. She loved to have fun as well. But what possibly was in store for her? She continued to dream....

Furry Future

Lead an all-girls team to protect our strays, educate and raise awareness on the importance of adopting, supporting and donating to these causes.


A part of an amazing team of coaches from different cultures, background, countries, and all walks of life! Together we aim to make the world healthier and happier!

Corporate Career

An accounting and finance graduate looking to become a chartered accountant while considering management consulting and people development.

Personal Development

Always looking for opportunities to learn and grow everyday, develop my talents and hobbies and just have fun!

Some of my go-to hobbies include dancing, singing, reading and baking while I love to take online courses and listening to podcasts!


Absolutely love to contribute my skills, build my experience and leadership and also give back to my community! Some of the opportunities I have been involved with include charity, event organising projects, mentoring initiatives, and consulting projects.

My Transformation Story

I was bullied in secondary school for being fat. I had also struggled to make friends and dropped out of ballet school because I could not perform well as a chubby child and it made me very shy, introverted, and I hated myself for the way I looked and how I was being treated. Developing acne after hitting puberty only made me feel worse about myself. I wanted to have friends to eat my lunch with, play sports, dance all day and feel accepted and respected. I decided eat fruits for lunch when I was in school, did a lot of running on the treadmill and managed to shed 10kg in a couple of months.

But my health only deteriorated after that. I lacked sufficient muscle mass, felt weak, and had a list of health issues ranging from gastric and bloating issues right up to constipation and falling ill often due to college stress that carried over to university. It was affecting my physical and mental health. I denied my discomfort and pain as I thought "I can handle this", "its not a big deal" or "I had to focus on more important things". I had always thought that I was skinny enough so I did not need a transformation program or I would need to have salads and give up my favourite foods and bubble tea to look my best.

I met my amazing coaches on Instagram in March 2020, and I was curious and also envious of their amazing transformations and radiating positive energy. Even though I had achievements to be happy with, I then realised how miserable and drained I actually felt about myself, my dreams and aspirations. How I had a toxic, insecure and pessimistic mindset about making things happen for myself. It was then that I was empowered to begin a lifestyle that would change my life for the greater good. I managed to lose 5% body fat and almost 8kg in 7 months after joining the transformation program. Together with that, I experienced an increase in energy levels causing my productivity to increase, my stomach issues and constipation disappeared and my acne even started clearing up causing my skin to glow, finally looking and feeling great! β€οΈπŸ’•πŸŒΈ

It's been an amazing journey so far to have learnt about nutrition, lifestyle and listening to what my body needs.Β  My biggest change is my mindset in accepting myself with my flaws, having a group of amazing people that Im blessed to call my friends and support system.Β  I can now move forward and achieve my goals and help others do the same!

10 Days Lean and Tone Project Β β€”

Lose 2-4kg healthily in 10 days!

πŸ’– One-on-one coaching
πŸ’–Personalised meal plan
πŸ’– Coaches and Peer Group Support
πŸ’ Grocery list
πŸ’– Snack Ideas and Daily Tips
πŸ’– Access to the Lifestyle Hub

Makeover Project (8 weeks) Β β€”

Look your best and have a professional magazine photoshoot to celebrate!

πŸ’ Personalised meal plan
πŸ’ Professional Magazine Cover Shoot
πŸ’ Fashion Tips
πŸ’ Skin Care Regime
πŸ’ Workout Routine

8 Weeks Body Transformation Challenge

Be your fittest self in 8 weeks!

πŸ’ Advanced Nutrition Program
πŸ’ Advanced Workout Program
πŸ’ Get ripped and lean
πŸ’ Be your fittest self