Tell the world what you’re made of

Hey guys ,
My name is Alicia and I’ve been in the cosmetic industry for 20 years . I’ve done everything from makeup artistry to management to marketing .

Over the years I decided to dive Into a new career in medical sales which I loved and suddenly my world came crashing down when we were let go due to Covid-19 .

I had to make a change and it needed to happen fast . I was alone , unemployed and scared about my future . So I decided to take the leap and try something new with an amazing company !

I now make an income from my fingertips on social media and help others do the same ! I’d love to have you on my team , be your mentor and rise to the top with you !


Turn your dreams into a reality

I decided to take the leap Into becoming an entrepreneur after realizing that no one was going to value me and my hard work the way that I do .

I was tired of the 9-5 , the late night shifts , the mandatory weekends . Missing out on family functions , important life events or just life in general .

Not having the work life balance , flexibility or even the income I desired or I was worth .

Then knowing I could be let go in an instant !!! Without warning and without a thought to what that would do to my life .

So I decided No MORE ! I am going to create my schedule , create my own goals , my Income and be in control of my own life !

After seeing many people succeeding in this business , even some people I know ,
plus seeing how the team and company are skyrocketing to the top , I decided why not ?

What is holding me back from taking this leap !?
Is it money ? , is it time ? , Is it fear ?, are these all excuses ?
I want a nice car , a luxurious life , the ability to pay bills , go on trips , etc .

Plus I wanted to be surrounded by successful people and that is all I kept seeing was women and men WINNING in this business

I realized I am in control of my life and I am also the one standing in my own way to succeed .

So yes , I was broke . But yes , I used the last of my money I had to make an investment in myself and I’m so glad I did . I figured the worst case scenario is I just have great products that have changed my skin and hair ! Second best case scenario is I make back the money I put into the business but third best case scenario is I flip that times however many times I can and my income far surpasses my investment .

With that being said , I’m so glad I decided to take this leap and I’d love to help you too .

Let’s chat ... no pressure and just talk about your options .

Whether it’s just for products or for a business opportunity I can offer you a free consultation , no commitment necessary to see what may be right for you in your skin , hair or life journey .

Remember .... “if your dreams don’t scare you , they’re not big enough !!”