EveryDay Is A Fresh Start!!

Tell the world what you’re made of

So here are just a few things about myself. I'm a very determine person. When I want to accomplish something I try my best to reach my goal. This is a big change for me. Never thought I would be doing a job like this. But I love the job that I'm doing! I won't lie I still get nervous sometimes and I can be a little hard on myself. But who isn't. So I keep pushing forward! And stay positive! I love the atmosphere that I'm working in. All the girls are truly positive! And that's what I love about them! But this work is not just for girls it's for guys too! So if you're interested in making a change for yourself whether it's for health wise or just need something new in your life and you embrace change maybe this is a job for you!? Or if you're just looking for work and you need something on the side maybe this is a job for you!? Or you have any question just ask!

*You Don't Need Experience!
Or A Large Following

*You just need to be
18 years or older
Have a smartphone
Coachable and Willing to Learn

DM me if your interested