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Welcome to my little space on the World Wide Web. Here you’ll find many aspects of my life, ranging from marriage to motherhood to homeownership to my walk with faith, the list continues...
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My Top Picks

5 Mommy Must Haves

If you’re a veteran mom or a new mom this is for you! As mothers, there’s a lot we can learn to live without as long as our children are cared for. But, some things we just need. Every mom has those certain things that help make life a little easier and less hectic. Here’s mine...

1. Good size leather backpack purse.
I use mine all the time. It keeps my hands free while running in and out of stores with the kids. I can walk the zoo or an amusement park without worrying about sitting my purse down. I also use the small top hook to hang it on a fence super high so that I can see it from inside the pool.

2. Personal iPad or MacBook
I use my iPad to budget my monthly bills. This keeps space available on my phone. I use a couple budgeting techniques and apps to help manage my finances. It makes tackling my bills a breeze.
(I use the scanner option in notes to save important documents.)

3. A decent point a shoot camera.
I love my Canon M50. It’s small and compact. Easy to carry around. Shoots amazing photos. The m50 is very user friendly. Can save a ton of money on family portraits and sports pictures or just capture everyday moments with super quality.

4. A good book.
When I was a SAHM, I always had a good book on me. In the car rider line, ball practice, bubble bath, basically anytime it was quiet. I’m not a tv watcher in general so a good read is a must have for me.

5. Daily Planner
If I don’t write it down, I’m never going to remember. Juggling doctors appointments, physical therapy, monthly braces appointments, ball games, practices and band concerts for my tribe is dang near a part time job. Without my planner I’d have no clue what’s going on from day to day.

Nothing too fancy or crazy expensive. Basically, bare necessities right? I’m curious if my list is similar to others....?
Dm me on IG and let me know.
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My Top Picks

Natural Hair Care

Since as long as I can remember I’ve always had a love hate relationship with my hair. In grade school, everyone had bone straight hair. I would iron my hair with an actual iron until my parents purchased me a straightener. I did so much damage to my hair during high school it took YEARS to get it healthy again.

I started by embracing my curls. It took time for me get used to wearing my hair curly. Even more time to actually like it that way. But now, I chose my curls over any other style, any day.

I began my healthy hair journey by staying out of salons. Stylist rarely care about your hair health. As long as your hair looks like an IG worthy photo when they’re finished that’s all that matters. I haven’t been to a salon in many years.

I began investing in my hair. I stopped buying cheap hair products full of silicone and alcohol. Those poor product choices changed my curl pattern for years, my hair was dry and brittle.

Then, I started protecting my hair. Wearing protective styles, sleeping with my hair protected and stopped coloring it so often. I still occasionally use hair color. Although, I only use the same color as my natural hair to touch up grey roots.

Most importantly, I started a routine. I wash my hair every Sunday night. I oil my scalp and finger coil my curls. I apply curling custard and dry my hair on a very low heat setting. I mist my curls daily by applying a mixture of water and leave in conditioner.

One of the hardest things is finding the right products for you. My children all have different curl patterns and the products that work for me don’t always work for them. I spent a lot of time and money trying products to find the products that I use and love.

➕ no chemicals ➕ less heat➕ patience

- Alicia