Alicia kozak

Everything happens for a reason

My why …

If you know me already you probably know that I’ve been singing since before I could walk. I pursed my singing career and continued all the way through university completing my Bachelor of Arts honours degree. I have also always had a love for children and have been working for a singing dancing and acting school for 7 years . I then continued my education to become a teacher !

Like most people during these crucial years I’ve had many struggles and during this pandemic I had lost my job and had many problems with my teaching career.

I knew this was the time to start building myself as a person . I had been through many tough times that people may or may not know about.

I have always been very natural , never putting medicines or chemicals in my body . Mostly because I am highly allergic to everything!

When I found out I could improve my self care and build an empire I knew it was the right move for me .

I had been drawn to monat and it’s community for years but was skeptical like the rest.

After having this great opportunity , I learned that the fear is within us . It really depends on if your ready .

This company not only gave me the personal development of self care and confidence but also gave me great training and mentorship on professional development , business and social media training.

All I did was buy healthy vegan products I was gonna buy anyways and it came with all these great perks while building an income .

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