Don’t be afraid to try something new

Hi everyone, I’m alicia, welcome to my life story. I’m 20 years old, I’m pet mom, I have 2 crazy cats and 1 pit bull now. I work full time, I graduated from high in 2018.

I would never think I would be part of this, I was scared to join but I’m so glad that I did. Growing up I was always laughed at or judge because of my learning disability but the girls I work with are so nice and so helpful, their willing to go out of their way to help you so you can make it to the top too.
When I saw that the monat Products are all natural I gotta try them out I was scared I have really sensitive skin and oh boy when I tried the skin care omg it changed my life! My skin has been so soft and i don’t have to worry about dry skin all over my face anymore. The shampoo omg I can wear black clothes again!🤗 I’ve been dealing with bad dry scalp I couldn’t wear any black clothes and now I can. I love these products all natural and I love the girls that I work with.
I’m a shy girl the best part about joinin this business it gets me out of my shell. Everyone always tells me why I don’t become a influencer, I’m all about the beauty world. I love makeup, hair, skin and nails but doing all of that always push my back because I was so shy I didn’t want to talk to people. But I pushed my self and told myself it’s time for a change, time to get out of my shell.