Miracle Morning Links ✨

My miracle morning routine helps me to promote feelings of overall calm and happiness. This is my FAVOURITE thing to do in the morning.

The routine consists of:
- Meditation (I use a timed guided meditation from YouTube - linked below)
- Positive Affirmations (Next up is a post on how to craft your own personal positive affirmations that will hit home with you)
- Visualization (check out my miracle morning post on insta for some ideas - but I watch promotion YouTube videos for resorts I want to visit, cars I want to drive etc)
- Exercise (if I’m in a time pinch I go on a 10 minute walk around the block or do the yoga stretch linked below - if I have the day off I’ll head to the gym)
- Reading (I read 10 pages of a personal development book daily, check the next page for my top 3 recommendations)
- Gratitude Journalling (my fave journal linked below)

Who am I?

I always did what was seen as the best traditional path for success. I was a mega competitive hockey player growing up. I worked my ass off in school to get a degree and got a good 9-5 in my field. I work very hard in my job to climb the latter.

Once sports and school was over I started to feel very lost in my life.

Getting to only spend evenings and weekends working on my passions, and getting to travel 3 weeks out of the year if I’m lucky I kept thinking this couldn’t possibly be all there is out there for me.

After spending lots of time developing my fierce mindset I broke free of the typical and started to grow my dream. I found my new fitness passion, my business passion, and spark for life.

Girlfriend, let’s do the damn thing 💓

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