Hi, I'm Ali

your body, brushed, & balayaged girl...

This career started super early. I am the oldest cousin, so I was always playing with the littles hair.

What was play, turned into me doing their hair for dances, recitals, and all the big events.

Fun fact! I did my neighbor’s hair for her prom when I was 10! 😊

I always thought it was a good little side gig, but never imagined I’d get to do it full time.

After high school, I was unsure of what I wanted, so I went to cosmetology school. There I learned that I LOVED making people feel better about themselves.

That’s what I, and BBB, is all about- making YOU feel better about yourself!

Now I get to do what I LOVE

and get to spend more time with my family

It’s the dream right?!

Honestly, I’m such a busy bee- and thrive off of organized chaos- but these three are my whole world!

What I Offer

Body, Brushed, & Balayaged Services

I offer body sculpting, spray tan, and of course all the hair services!

Radio Frequency Facial - $100

This service is a skin tightening, anti-aging, collagen boosting, double chin eliminating dream!

Contouring (non-invasive lipo) - $135*

You can get this service on your love handles, arms, mom pooch, stomach, and thighs!

*pricing is per session/area

Non-invasive Brazilian Butt Lift - $100

For only $35 more, you can get a cellulite reduction and thigh skin tightening!

We're going to be besties if...

✨ you love country music
✨ you love a good drink 🥂
✨ you think target tells you what you need
✨ you love chatting about your kids (because I have two and they’re bound to come up over and over again!)
✨ you love feeling and looking your BEST!

insta friends?

My Hair Tips

For healthy hair you can't stop running your fingers through!

Don't Wash Your Hair Often

Seriously! Wait as long as you can- LIVE on dry shampoo!


Purple & Blue shampoo are your BEST FRIENDS! Use them, it’s not a hoax!

Weekly Treatments

You know that hair mask you’ve been eyeing? GET IT! And use it once a week!

Oh and the less heat, the better! Let it air dry if you can!


Phenix Salon Suites | 380 W Arrow Hwy Claremont, CA 91711