Alisha here, happy you stopped by!

living our best life

I am so glad you’re here! Let me introduce myself. I was born in TN, but grew up in AZ/UT. I’m married to my best friend & mommy to two sweet angels. I love the outdoors (camping, hiking, hunting), sports (favs are Baseball & MMA), traveling, playing board games, photography, reading a good book, writing, watching crime TV/movies & just chillin some nights on the couch.

My husband and best friend is Carlos. He is from Chihuahua, Mexico. We met in Utah through our church congregation. We were friends for a semester before going on our first date and then eventually started dating exclusively and have never stopped! Married in July of 2017. He about to graduate with his Bachelor’s degree. He is my smartypants with all his science and pre-med classes. He keeps me grounded. He is spontaneous and outgoing. He always listens to my thousands of ideas for our family. He is my biggest cheerleader. And the LOML!

We’ve brought 2 beautiful babes into the world so far. We have Lydia Dawn (March 2018). She is our honeymoon baby. She’s got both of our stubbornness. She is headstrong, loud and busy. She is also kind, attentive, smart and never forgets anything! She loves tostadas, chips, apples and sugar.
And we have Beckham Carlos (Sept 2020). He is our “covid baby”, (though we did start trying for him the summer before). He is a mama’s boy for sure. He is so intelligent like his daddy. He loves playing with Lydia when she isn’t beating him up. He is so kind. He is the best at giving kisses, hugs and snuggling. He loves nursing more than anything, but also loves bananas, cheese & oreos.

We are the Dominguez family!