Alissa Holler

My journey with Monat

Hi, i am Alissa! I am a freshman at Capital University. I am studying marketing and I’m also on the volleyball team at Cap. As everyone knows, being a student athlete, trying to work and be financially stable, and have a social life is very difficult. I was asked if I was interested in being a beauty market partner with Monat. I started watching videos on it and I became very interested. As soon as I joined, I was joining a family. The girls I work with are so inspiring and always make me want to get up and grind for what I am working towards. This company isn’t just selling products, it’s to make YOU feel amazing in your own skin. My mentor Toriee has helped me so much not only with the business but she has helped me become a better person. I hope I can change so many lives through this company and make so many people feel beautiful and confident. And I'm making money through my phone? It really doesn’t get better than that.
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