Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Me (& likely even more that you couldn’t care less about)

Hi there. I’m just a girl living her best life in the suburbs of Pittsburgh in a little place called South Park. Not the show. Trust. I’ve heard all the jokes. Currently working for the YMCA although I haven’t set foot in an actual gym in quite a few years. Talk about irony. I dig numbers. Data. Charts. That kind of nerd stuff that PowerPoint dreams are made of. So data fills my days. Nights entail long drawn-out homework battles with my 13 year-old or chauffeuring the sixteen year-old to all his social events. Not sure where he got the extrovert gene from as it certainly wasn’t his father or I. And finally, in my spare time, you’ll find me crafting or redecorating the house, watching reruns of Schitt’s Creek for the umpteenth time or napping.


Why is dieting so hard?

Currently on my 8th or 9th attempt at Weight Watchers (or as my wallet likes to call it “Wa$ted Watchers” - no, the dollar sign was not a type). I always thought when I was done having babies, I’d lose the baby weight and get into the best shape of my life. Well, my “baby” turned 13 in January and I had a hysterectomy last summer so pretty sure the baby factory has been shut down. I’m literally at the highest weight my scale has ever seen and my clothes are screaming “for the love of God woman, step away from the Little Debbie cakes”. Every night as I lay in bed, I tell myself tomorrow is a new day and I’ll start the day off tracking my points and preparing my meals. Thirteen minutes after I wake up, I’ve dumped half a cup of creamer in my coffee and I’m huffing oatmeal cream pies like it’s my job. *sigh* I’m sure I’ll post more here in time, and tomorrow is a nee day!