Welcome Friends!

Little mama with big dreams of growing my ambitions, hair and perspective

Hey! Hi! Hello!
I’m 28 years old! & I’m a mama of three beautiful little souls. I up till recently was a bartender (covid sheeesh) and have worked since I was 19 in the service industry. I’ve cooked, bussed, served, managed, bartended and opened a store in Ocala, Florida. Restaurants have a special place in my heart. But with the crazy turn of events in the world, monat was presented to me, and I was like NO. Heck no. I can’t do that. It’s not for me. I don’t know how to sell. I mean, I said every excuse and not just to my upline, but to myself too.

Fast forward.
Wellness is the game. Monat is the name.
I’m sure you’ve heard of this shampoo company shaking up the MLM world. It’s true, it’s a life changing opportunity with products that actually work. Three babies in 4 years, progesterone injections, breastfeeding, the works, have all made my hormones go CRAZY. From postpartum hair loss to breakouts like I’m in middle school again. I was searching for something to help me take back control of all the things I was seriously so self conscious about.
Then there’s the ability to obtain financial freedom on top of that.. to be able to make a living by living is the true DREAM, amiright?
I have always had a passion for teaching, training and inspiring.
And somehow I found that I can incorporate that passion, health, and success all into one..

Let’s chat! As I’m an open book, many of my pages are still blank and I am seeking motivation from many circles and walks of life!

Swipe right for the hair quiz or to be taken to my Monat site & let’s talk about achieving those health, hair or business goals! what’s the worst that can happen, you never have a bad hair day again?🌻