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Hey you! How are you? Welcome to my page where you can learn about simple products that will change your life!! Not only can you purchase these products with my help, you can also earn money. Keep reading to find out more! 😄

✨ My name is Alizah (pronounced uh-leeza). I am a 22 year old beautician. I am from Toronto, Canada. I am very passionate about all things beauty so you can count on me to know my stuff. I am currently a part time business owner, part time beauty advisor and a part time server. Clearly, I love to stay busy and earn money but I also enjoy relaxing. ✨

🌟This business has allowed me to relax at home and earn money as well. So, if you’re like me and you love buying new products or keeping up with the latest fashion trends or just need an extra source of income. You have come to the right place! With my help, you can sit at home and earn enough money to keep you and your family happy. 🌟

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