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Hi! I started to pick up the hobby of making beauty products over quarantine when I had nothing better to do. I spent time and money buying different ingredients to try different things. A good friend of mine started a company called out of the box gifts (check it out her products are amazing) and she really inspired me. So I started making my hair masks. I’ve been trying them out for a while now, so I could decide what works and what doesn’t. I have found the products that I am going to advertise have worked amazingly and I can’t wait to share it with all of you guys. If you are interested in buying product please dm me on instagram, thank you!

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Deep cleansing hair mask for oily scalp

$15.00 for 8 oz

This deep cleansing hair mask is made with tea tree oil and helps cleanse extremely oily scalp. This hair mask was made for those of you who can’t go a day without washing your hair and it not look greasy. This hair mask will allow you to go longer than you normally would without washing your hair. Instructions for use will be listed on Instagram. Please take the time to read them for they are crucial for the proper use, they will also be sent with the product for your convenience. Thank you for considering purchasing an APB product.

Hydrating hair mask for dry hair

$15.00 for 8 oz

This hydrating hair mask is for those of you who have damaged dry hair with split ends. It is caster oil and aloe Vera based. I personally use this hair mask for my damaged hair and I have found that it really does the job (I have clients that can agree) if you have chemically damaged or excessive dry hair this is for you. Instructions will be posted on Instagram and included in the package sent with the product. Thank you for considering purchasing an ABP product!

Hydrating face mask for dry and red skin

$15.00 for 8 oz

This hydrating face mask helps with dry skin and redness. Made with honey and aloe Vera gel, I have tested this product and it’s helped with extreme redness. Thank you for considering purchasing an ABP product!

Vanilla lip scrub


This lip scrub made with sugar and beneficial oils helps with dry chapped lips. Not to mention it smells amazing, made with vanilla extract. Thank you for considering purchasing an ABP product!