Salaam! 🤍🖤

If you want to learn about the Religion Islam, you came to the right place! ☪️🖤

Some basics & introduction to Islam👇🕋

🦋・Meaning & Greetings of Islam・🦋
-Islam means peace
-We say Assalamulaikum to greet each other! Meaning of that is ‘Peace be upon you’
-You reply back with ‘Waslamulaikum’ which means ‘Peace be on to you’!

🧕🏼・What does Islam teach us・🧕🏼
-Islam teaches that God (Allah) is One, Merciful, All-Powerful, and Unique! And that Muhammad is his messenger!

🥀・Languages & Manners of Islam・🥀
-Arabic is the language in the Quran, which is our Holy Book!
-Urdu & Panjabi are also one to!
-You can speak English to!
-In Arabic Allah is الله , Allahuakbar is الله أكبر, Alhumduillah is الحمد لله
-Couple others: Inshallah & Bismillah 🤍

☁️・Place of Worship & extra facts・☁️
-We worship at a mosque 🕌
-You can also do it from home!
-To worship Allah we pray 5 times a day!
Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib & Isha - this can be at home or mosque, but make sure its a clean place! Women wear a hijab to obey Allah (They wear it for praying but other then that it’s not needed- it’s there choice!)
-Before we pray we do Whudu which is were we wash our selves so we are pure & clean to pray! - We can do Whudu with cats water because it’s clean! -Extra facts about cats: They bring blessings to homes and mosques , cats are pure & clean even there saliva, our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) loved cats and had one! , loving cats is a sign of faith! 😻😽

There are many many other facts in Islam! These are just the basics & introduction! If you want to find out more go to my TikTok @islam_overload! Stay safe, I hope you all are well, inshallah! 🤍 - Allah Hafiz! 🥰