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Being from Hawaii we all grow up eating the most ono foods, spam musubi, lau lau, Portuguese bean soup, loco moco, you name it! I grew up, and until just recently, was still eating those things on the regular to be quite honest.

The truth is, those foods are really bad for us and even though we love those foods, it’s time to really focus on what we eat and why we eat it.

Like many others, I have always struggled with bad eating habits, but it’s not our fault.. many, if not majority of us, have been conditioned for generations about how and what we eat, whether it comes from our culture, family traditions, or just influence from modern society.

After years of going back and forth with different eating habits, and failing multiple times when trying to eat healthier... I seen something that actually seemed up my alley AND had a support group of other people also going through this health journey. That’s when I found ARBONNE✨

I decided if I was going to do this, I’m going to go all in.. so I started the 30 days to healthy living and after a couple of days have past I noticed feeling more energetic, more motivated to actually get things done, and overall the most healthiest I have felt in a very long time🙌🏽

I knew that I wanted to share this with you all and that if I could feel this GOOD, others can too! So let’s get you feeling your best + let’s flourish together✨

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What is Arbonne?

ꕥ A holistic approach to beauty, health, and well-being, focusing on the whole person to help them flourish inside and out!

• 100% Vegan
• 100% Cruelty-free
• Non GMO
• Free of over 2,000 toxic ingredients
• Pure, Beneficial, & Safe
• Botanically Based
• Rooted in Clinical Science
• Working towards being a zero waste company by 2030

We are a health and wellness company focusing on your health from the inside out, helping you to feel your best!

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30 Days to Healthy Living

ꕥ What we AVOID:
• Dairy
• Soy
• Gluten
• Wheat
• Coffee
• Added Sugars
• Artificial Sweeteners
• Processed Foods

These are ingredients/foods that in many cases are not beneficial to our overall well-being!

ꕥ What’s Included:
• 60 Servings of Protein
• 60 Servings of Fizz Sticks
• 40 Servings of Detox Tea
• 30 Servings of Digestion Plus
• Choose 2: Fiber Boost, 7 Day Cleanse, Greens Balance
+ Free Gift
+ Free Shipping

• Personalized coaching from ME
• Shopping Lists
• Recipes
• Tips and Tricks
• Online Group Chats
• Accountability

* DM me to learn how you can customize a MINI KIT & how we can customize this program to fit your needs and lifestyle!

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