Allegory Creatives

Founded by Seneca Basoalto, Allegory Creatives is a poetry community for creative growth and development that offers affordable and thorough editing + coaching services. We have over two decades of creative writing and publishing experience, and the skills to help you evolve your writing.

Here ar A.C. our only goal is to give you the tools you need to be the best creative writer you can be. We want to help you flourish so that you exceed even your own expectations.

Our main focus is on poetry, prose, flash fiction, short stories, and creative nonfiction/essay.

Being a writer allows us to embrace what wild thoughts we think and what our feelings truly represent within ourselves. Then we share it with the world!

Our DMs and email are always open. If you're interested in our services and are curious on pricing, arrow to the next slide or email us at the link below.

To reach our founder or view her work, follow @soto.poetica on Instagram.

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Services & Pricing

By Page Editing Services:
$5 per page — 60 pages or less

Manuscript Editing Services:
$100 — 61 to 100 pages
All additional pages over 100 are $1 per page

*Editing Services are full range and very detailed while still being catered to your story. Our feedback includes grammar, style, theme, punctuation, language, and more. If there are certain edits you are not interested in, please mention this when you email your manuscript. By page services are one "piece" of work per page.

Coaching Sessions:
$25 — half hour

*Collaborative Coaching sessions are to help guide you through your writing process while working together to edit up to 2 poems per half hour. Can be booked for up to two hours at a time.

Coaching + Editing Monthly Memberships:
$100 — per month

*This is an all inclusive option that allows you to send unlimited work to us for edits and reviews with quick turn around. It also permits you to schedule one 30 minute Coaching Session a week at no extra charge.

For quick response on an exact quote for your manuscript, you can email or send a message on IG.

All payments are made through Venmo or PayPal.

Seneca Basoalto

Poetry is our perception of the world observed through a heavy heart and fervent soul.

My name is Seneca Basoalto — the founder of Allegory Creatives. I'm a lifelong writer with 27 years of creative writing experience, primarily in poetry, prose, and creative nonfiction. I also have two B.A. degrees in Creative Writing and Psychology. My writing has been professionally published all across the world, and I have multiple best-selling books for sale.

A little about me:
I was born in Connecticut, but raised all over this great big globe. I moved every couple of years throughout my whole life, and traveled for leisure while experiencing different people, cultures, and lifestyles. Although I've been *almost* everywhere, most of my time was spent in New York, South Dakota, and England. In my younger years I dedicated myself to writing, but actually strived to be an actress. I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Philip Seymour Hoffman, and learned more than I could have ever imagined about music, culture, philosophy, and life.

Like many people, I experienced lots of trauma from childhood to adulthood, and this shaped how I navigated through the world. After overcoming so many obstacles, I've known found what I am most passionate about. Poetry! But I'm also a music lover, a mother, a wife, and anyone who knows me will tell you I am never one to shy away from honesty. I'm the blunt friend! I care about our world, our culture, and our ability to be the best version of ourselves — which is different for every person.

My background:
Besides pursuing higher education, I have pursued writing in all forms. I not only volunteered at libraries and after-school recreation centers for children, but for several years I managed the Helping Arts for Substance Abuse Recovery (HASAR). This was a program I founded myself that helped substance abuse addicts in our local behavior management program learn how to utilize art and writing as therapy. This was a free service where I donated my time several days a week to work both one on one and in groups with those working to overcome their addictions through the use of therapeutic writing.

Now I am looking to help others become strong and thoughtful creative writers. I am fully and thoroughly dedicated to building strong artistry - helping you become the best writer you can be so you can meet YOUR goals and enhance your specific style. I want to aid you in finding or enhancing your voice so that your message comes across clearly to your readers.