Easy Wellness Starts

It can be overwhelming once you learn about the harmful chemicals and toxins we use in our everyday life. “But where do I start!?” Here are a few simple things you can do today to help you start to take control of your wellness choices.

# 1- Start Small

It can be overwhelming once your eyes are opened up to the products in our homes and how harmful they can be with your health. Start small. Pick a room or area in your home to start replacing or ditching the toxic cleaning supplies or beauty supplies and switching them with better, cleaner ones. There are a lot of tools at your finger tips to help you find and choose non toxic products. I personally use Young Living’s products because I trust the source and ingredients. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

#2- Make Lists

If you are anything like me- I thrive on lists. I’m a visual and hands on learner so when I write lists I can remember better. In the beginning I made lists of harmful chemicals to look for in my household products or I made lists of what I wanted to replace next. It made it easier to do the ditching part of ‘ditch and switch’ because financially when we were ready to do more, I knew exactly what I was switching next.

#3- Learn!

I’m such an advocate for making educated decisions on everything in your life, and while you are waiting to be able to switch the next thing you can be educating yourself on different products, or different recipes, etc. Its practically endless the stuff you can learn about wellness. I like to look at pubmed.com and learn from the published medical journals on there. Yes I know I’m a geek- but I could have my doctorate by now I think with all I have read (kidding). Also learning is free- so there is that.