I’m Alli, and these are my cats.

That’s it... that’s pretty much the page.

If you’re anything like me, you use Instagram for small bursts of joy throughout your day. Incidentally, it’s the same reason I own cats.

Mostly, I post things that make me happy. Usually that means pictures of things my cats are doing, my morning coffee, or pictures of me having a good hair day. I believe that we have an innate desire to celebrate our moments in life... and I don’t think there’s a requirement for how ‘big’ a moment needs to be for it to feel special!

You’ll meet three cats if you stick around this page.

Mustache is my first cat. He’s a tuxedo boy with a crooked little ‘stache on his face, and everything he does is so very dignified.

Elliot was my 25th birthday present to myself. He’s a very special boy and pretty much the sweetest thing ever. He’s a polydactyl... he has five extra toes!

Charlie is my newest addition to the family. She’s a little black cat, and she’s missing half her tail. She was once the neighbourhood stray, but she’ll never have to live like that again now that she’s with us.

I hope my critters and I bring a smile to your face. Stick around for my caffeinated thoughts, my favourite household things, and my cat-hair complemented outfits. And sometimes... Giveaways!

Thanks for hanging out 🤍

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