Hey Friend, I’m Allison!

7 months ago I was a completely different person. I had little to no self confidence or self worth. I was a broke, young mom to two boys who needed more from me. I was completely and helplessly dependent on my husband.

My whole life I never really knew what I wanted. I got pregnant my senior year of high school and settled for a local college that I could commute to so I could be home with my newborn. It took me 3 years to get a 2 year associates degree that I didn’t even know for sure I wanted to use!

Ever since then I had been hopping around from job to job. Waitressing, bartending, working at Kmart. I hated myself and never thought I could amount to anything.

But I wanted more.

I met my husband 8 years ago while bartending. He is in the oilfield and he’s from Texas. His ex wife actually introduced me to my future best friend and upline— Katie. I followed her on Instagram for SO LONG. 2 years to be exact. I watched her go from broke and broken to an independent woman who more than provides for her family. I wanted that. I needed that!!

I finally reached out to her on my 30th birthday.. ready for a change. But still held back by fears after we chatted for a bit I left her on read. A whole month later I finally jumped in ready to run. I’ve succeeded in any and all parts of this business from the start. I work hard and it shows. I just earned a $15,000 bonus and am ready for so much more. I can show you exactly how I did what I did and help you do the same! You just have to take that first step!