Hi babe! Let’s chat ...

the time is now

If you clicked on this you’re probably wondering what the hell I’ve gotten myself into now. YES, I have a constant hunger for more and I’m always looking to try new things - whether thats food, a drink or an entirely new field of business.

So you’re looking to switch things up? Perfect. You’ve come to the right place. I don’t play small, I don’t believe in excuses & I know your life can change in a positive way if you’re willing to have the courage to take the leap (you know - THE leap - the out-of-your-comfort-zone type of leap that can make all the difference in the world? Yes, THAT).

I’ve gained so much since starting my business back in July of 2017. Financially - like, quit my 9-5 job, work from wifi, live that Instagram blogger life (minus the blog and perfectly aesthetic Instagram feed 🙃) type of financial change. Personally - I went from zero confidence and self esteem to feeling like I can tackle legit ANYTHING that comes my way. That, can’t-fuck-with-me, head-held-high type of shit. And lastly (but most importantly), community. I found them! I found my people. They get me, I get them. They support me, lift me up, educate me, keep me hungry for more - always.

I’m grateful for this opportunity on all levels, I really am - but above all else, it’s the community that keeps me going. These women (and men!) are incredible. All different backgrounds, all different experiences, all over the country - but we come together, daily, for a common purpose - to up-level our lives. To get off the sidelines and into the game of LIFE. We have one shot at this lifetime, I will continue to live each day playing all out, and helping others do the same 🖤

Sooo, whats the deal here? Give me all the deets.

I’m guessing you found this page on Instagram, so I have to assume you spend at least a small fraction of your day on Instagram (or other social media sites), and that’s perfect - like, we already have that in common so we’re off to a great start here 🙌🏼

Let’s talk details. Our business is hair and skin. Simple right? People wash their hair & people do pretty much anything to their skin to keep the youthful glow. So yes, it’s seriously as simple as that. Anti-aging (hell yes), naturally based (even better), gluten free (okay perf), safe AND effective (now we’re talking). Who doesn’t want something they use DAILY to be THAT safe? Please, tell me.

Alright, maybe I have your interest - but what’s in it for YOU? What makes this opportunity so juicy? A few things (we can talk more deets on a one on one, just hit me up) - very little cost to start your business (I’m talking a $199 starter kit with full sized products backed by a 30 day money back guarantee - can you say R-I-S-K F-R-E-E *cue the Navarro team from Netflix’s CHEER*), unlimited earning potential (side hustle, part time job, full time job - this business is what YOU want it to be), no quotas, no pressure. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

BONUS - who doesn’t like a good bonus (although i prefer the word CHECK after that, but we can get back to that later) - you wont just grow your bank account, you’ll grow your mind (corny? I know - i thought so too 🤫). But seriously, you’ll be surrounded by some of the absolute BEST in the industry, endless trainings, endless resources, and constant support.

You have all to gain with this opportunity - but nothing moves until you do. Ready to take the leap? Let’s do this, together 🖤