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About LimeLife by Alcone

Our Company and Our Commitment

LimeLife by Alcone never intended on becoming a direct sales company. Their original goal was to find a way to give back to the professional makeup artists that referred their clients to their parent company Alcone NY. But they soon realized that the best way to help their clients was by way of direct sales.

Limelife’s catalog of products is made up of the top makeup items that have been preferred in the pro industry for many years. There’s a reason pro-artists keep returning to these products, and it’s because of the quality that has been offered for decades.

Thanks to the long standing relationships that have been built over many years with small family owned professional brands, we were able to offer professional makeup that was once only available for celebrities, to the every day consumer like you and me.

Limelife’s commitment to quality, product performance and environmental sustainability is at the forefront of what we do.

High quality, clean, safe, animal cruelty free and sustainably sourced and 100% natural ingredients in our skincare lines and backed with superior performance are what makes us the respected brand that we continue to be


Meet the collections that will change your makeup game FOREVER!

If you are looking to start your makeup collection or add to it and make the switch to professional makeup that will change your makeup game due to the quality, pigments, long lasting and flawless finish all while supporting an incredible cause at the same time, THEN these are your BEST options. With a great savings and a donation to our Brighter Together Foundation, the choice is simple.

You can read more about the Brighter Together Foundation on the next page.

Simply Pretty Collection- $94

Everything you need for a simple, everyday makeup application. This collection includes your choice of: one Perfect Foundation, one Perfect Blush, Bronzer or Translucent Powder, and one everyday Perfect Lipstick, plus a Perfect Mascara or Waterproof Mascara.
When you purchase this collection LimeLife by Alcone will donate $8 to the Brighter Together Foundation.

Value $102
Save $8

Teen Collection - $136

The Teen Collection includes everything teens need to achieve a flawless complexion and an everyday, natural look.

This collection includes your choice of one Perfect Foundation, two Complete Concealers, one Perfect Blush, Bronzer or Translucent Powder, two Perfect Eyeshadows and one Perfect Lip Gloss.

When you purchase this collection LimeLife by Alcone will donate $10 to the Brighter Together Foundation.

Value $146
Save $10

Everyday Amazing Collection- $182

The Everyday Amazing Collection include everything you need to achieve an amazing every day makeup application.

This collection includes one Perfect Foundation, one Complete Concealer, one Perfect Blush, Bronzer or Translucent Powder, one Perfect Eyeshadow, a Perfect Eyeliner pen, a Perfect Mascara or Waterproof Mascara, one Perfect Lip Gloss, one Perfect Lipstick and one Enduring Lipliner in your favorite shades.

When your purchase this collection LimeLife by Alcone will donate $12 to the Brighter Together Foundation.

Value $194
Save $12

Night on the Town Collection - $332

The Night on the Town Collection includes everything you need to take your makeup look from day to night.

This collection includes one Perfect Foundation, two Perfect Concealers, any combination of two Perfect Blush, Bronzer or Translucent Powder, a four shade Perfect Eyeshadow Palette, a Perfect Eyeliner Pen, a Perfect Mascara or Waterproof Mascara, two Perfect Lip Glosses, two Perfect Lipsticks, two Enduring Lip Colors and two Enduring Lip Liners.

When you purchase this collection LimeLife by Alcone will donate $30 to the Brighter Together Foundation.

Value $362
Save $30

Makeup Addict Collection- $412

The Makeup Addict Collection includes everything you need to create a variety of looks and take your everyday makeup application to the next level.

This collection includes one Perfect Foundation, two Complete Concealers, a combination of three Perfect Blushes, Bronzers or Translucent Powder, a six shade Perfect Eyeshadow Palette, a Perfect Eyeliner Pen, a Perfect Mascara or Waterproof Mascara, two Perfect Lip Glosses, two Perfect Lipsticks, two Enduring Lip Colors, two Enduring Lip Liners, a First Base Priming Spray, and Time Setter or Oil Strike Setting Spray.

When you purchase this collection LimeLife by Alcone will donate $42 to the Brighter Together Foundation.

Value $454
Save $42

Makeup Artist Collection - $862

The Makeup Artist Collection includes everything a makeup artist needs to start or refresh their kit

This collection includes six shade Perfect Foundation Palette, six shade Complete Concealer Palette, a six shade palette of your choice of Perfect Blushes, Bronzers or Translucent Powder, an 18 shade Perfect Eyeshadow Palette, a Perfect Eyeliner Pen, a Perfect Mascara or Waterproof Mascara, three Perfect Lip Glosses, three Perfect Lipsticks, three Enduring Lip Colors, three Enduring Lip Liners, a First Base Priming Spray, and Time Setter or Oil Strike Setting Spray.

When you purchase this collection LimeLife by Alcone will donate $98 to the Brighter Together Foundation.

Value $960
Save $98

Brighter Together Foundation

Our Impact

Brighter Together Foundation

Our LimeLife community is made up of an incredibly diverse group of people with one very important goal in common: to empower ourselves and others. In 2017, we seized the opportunity to spread that spirit even further and established the Brighter Together Foundation.

When you purchase one of our Brighter Together Collections, you help provide entrepreneurial field training and support to women in the world’s most impoverished countries.

We pass 100% of our funding onto our charitable partner, Project Concern International’s (PCI) Women Empowered (WE) Initiative. WE members pool their savings and make loans to one another, and PCI gives the women guidance to start their own successful businesses.

Together, we have already helped over 13,000 female entrepreneurs become leaders in their communities.

Fempire Fund

As we got to know the women impacted by our Brighter Together Foundation, we realized how important a supportive community was to their progress. On top of that, the program was teaching women how to balance personal wellness with entrepreneurial action – something we wanted to explore even further.

Our goal for The Fempire Fund is to pair self-confidence with financial confidence by supporting businesses whose mission is female empowerment. Through the Fund, LimeLife provides critical growth funding, entrepreneurial training and a unique community of Beauty Guides who can advocate for these businesses.

How Does It Work?
LimeLife builds an investment Fund of four to five businesses whose mission is female empowerment

Leaders of those businesses get support from the Fund

Eligible Beauty Guides may trade their $5,000 bonus for a share in the Fund;
there is no cap for how many shares a Beauty Guide can earn in the initial Fund

Within a five to 10-year period, we aim to deliver an increased return on the initial investment


The ABSOLUTE must haves!

The Perfect Foundation -$36

LimeLife by Alcone’s foundation has been a staple in the professional makeup world for over 60 years. It’s so popular for many reasons:

1. It’s 50% pigmented. A typical foundation from high end stores like Sephora or Ulta is 18%-22% pigmented. A little goes a long way! Because you use so little, there’s no need to worry about your foundation looking cakey or feeling heavy.

2. Noncomedogenic: meaning it won’t clog your pores! There has been many people who say that the foundation clears up their skin! But really, they didn’t know their former foundation was causing their breakouts.

3. Wax based: LimeLife’s foundation is not a liquid or a cream, it’s a botanical wax based. This gives the foundation a skin like appearance. Plus, it doesn’t absorb into your skin. If you’ve ever noticed your foundation disappearing throughout the day, it’s likely because your skin was absorbing it.

4. It’s buildable: you can either put a thin layer of foundation on for a more natural look, or keep building up coverage for a more glam look without getting cakey.

5. One pan of foundation typically last 4-6 months!

6. Variety of shades: LimeLife offers 22 shades of foundation. The wide range of shades is a testament to our mission to empower women all over the world.

7. Paraben free! Which means there’s no harmful preservatives in your makeup! Plus it’s vegan and Leaping Bunny certified.

Making Waves Waterproof Mascara -$20

When we say waterproof, we mean waterproof! And not only that, but it took YEARS to introduce this product because the formula needed to be perfect!

There are a few things that set this apart from other waterproof mascaras... it stands up against tears, water and sweat as well as the oils that come from oily skin!

It makes lashes fell soft instead of stiff and it not only is gentler to them but it also nourishes them and maximizes volume on every application.

In a nutshell...
Our vegan, waterproof mascara gives maximum volume and holds that lasts all day without smudging. Shea butter provides glossiness to the lashes making them look darker while Vitamin E moisturizes lashes making them feel soft.

If you decide on this legendary mascara, i highly suggest picking up the Makeoff Remover Spray! Otherwise, you’ll have this mascara on for the rest of your days! It’s a spray oil free formula and removes all makeup without feeling greasy! PLUS it’s safe for lash extensions, WIN WIN!

Perfect Glow Drops

You don’t have to leave your glowy skin for just summer.

These creamy illuminating drops create the appearance of youthful, hydrated and radiant skin while naturally illuminating the complexion!

They are coconut infused drops are nourishing and hydrating helping the skin feel soft and smooth before you apply your makeup!

They can be used in so many ways!

On the days you want to go natural, add glow drops to your cheekbones and collar bones to bring that instant life back to your skin.

Use it for the finishing highlighting touches of your makeup by adding to the height of your cheekbones, the inner corner of your eyes and the Cupid’s bow.... taking you from gorgeous to full glam!

Available in three shades- Rosé, Champagne and Bronze.


100% natural products that are ready to have your skin thanking you for YEARS

Dew Date- $32


Once you have this in your life, you will never be without it again!

It is one of those holy grail products that you never knew you needed... especially if you have oily skin! Why add oil, right? But oil is VITAL for oily skin!

Oils are effective because they mimic our skins natural, beneficial oils. If your skins lipid barrier has been damaged in any way- often from over exfoliating or exposure to pollution... oils can help restore it back to its normal state!

If you find yourself needing to reduce inflammation and protect your skin from damage... this product will be your best friend for life.

It can be used alone as a moisturizer, paired with your favorite moisturizer for a boost and even mixed in with our foundations for the most incredibly dewy finish!

Because of the aromatic blends of essential oils, used before bed becomes a nice relaxing end to the day!

Forty Cure Creme- $38

This moisture-rich hand and body cream contains a blend of citrus and lavender essential oils and a valuable ingredient, Tamanu Seed Oil, obtained from “The Forty Cure” tree in Tahiti.

It is called The Forty Cure tree because it is proved to cure a variety of skin disorders including acne and acne scarring. This seed contains anti-bacterial properties to help fight bacteria and has a unique ability to increase the formation of new skin tissue accelerating the healing process of scars and the growth of new, healthy skin cells.

This oil is used to treat wounds, rashes, burns, eczema, rosacea, dry skin, and many other skin ailments, and is the main ingredient in this therapeutic body cream.

If you are a Mama, this is the best for newborn dry skin and diaper rashes! It should be a staple for every first time parent!

Skin Polish- $42

This exfoliating mask is a best seller for a reason! Not only does it smell like a lemon meringue pie, the jojoba beads gently roll away impurities and dead, dehydrated skin leaving you with the freshest, softest skin!

The olive, lemon and cypress oil then restore and protect your skin!

You can use this product as often as you’d like... because you’ll want to! But you probably won’t need to use it any more than 2-3 times per week!

Use on clean, damp skin. Massage in using circular motions for 30 seconds and the leave on for 10-15 minutes (or longer if you want to!), rinse off and BAM! Enjoy that baby smooth skin that we all crave!


Limited Edition and the Perfect gifts for everyone !

It is that time of year where everyone anticipates the announcements of LimeLifes holiday collections. Not only is it exquisitely packaged and no thought spared when it comes to presentation... but the collections make sense and cater to every single person, because LimeLife is for EVERYONE!

All of these are limited edition and while supplies last! Don’t miss out!

Little Snooze Collection - $40

Finally find out what it means to sleep like a baby. Nourish little ones delicate skin with Little Snooze Soothing Lotion, crafted with plant-based butters and oils. Among them, lavender essential oil offers calming aromatherapy. With a sloth tether as your gift, the Little Snooze Collection makes bedtime a breeze.

Squeaky Clean Collection - $50

Let them splish splash while you soothe and soften. Squeaky Clean Shampoo & Wash for baby is created with organic botanicals to nourish even the most sensitive skin. The tear-free formula is gentle enough to use every day. For a limited time, make bath time even more fun with a rubber duck gift as a gift from you!

Lollipop Littles- $38


Good things come in small packages- and in this case, possibly the best things! The Lollipop Little features mini sizes of our must-haves: Perfect Lip Gloss, Enduring Lip Color, Enduring Eyeliner Pencil and Perfect Mascara. Stash these staples in your travel bag or at work for mid day touch ups.

Wizard of Eyes-$80

Whether you’re feeling curious, adventurous or even a bit wicked, there’s an Enduring Eyeliner Pencil to match your mood. The gel-based formula glides on smoothly for even application and intense color payoff. The Wizard of Eyes collection bundles together 5 duos, for a total of ten long-wear colors!

Power Glow- $50

Show off your shine any time of year with the Power Glow collection, which pairs our top glow-getters. In a trio of shades, Perfect Glow Drops are infused with coconut oil for natural hydration, while the Perfect Blush & Bronzer duo provides just the right amount of pigment to highlight your favorite features.

Skin Courage- $98

Find courage from top to tail with two of our best-selling confidence boosters. Apply One Drop Wonder on its own or mixed with your favorite moisturizer to hydrate and smooth facial fine lines and wrinkles. Treat the rest of your skin to Dew Confidence, made with aromatic essential oils to visibly firm and tone.

LimeLife Candles- $48

Available in 3 scents- price for one

SIGNATURE CANDLE- white flower and teak wood. The fresh, crisp and floral scent of our Signature Candle fills the air with the essence of Teakwood wrapped in Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Tea Rose and Jasmine with hints of Lime and Dewy Greens.

WALK IN THE WOODS- Cedarwood and Eucalyptus. The woodsy, spicy and warm scent of the Walk in the Woods candle fills the air with the essence of Cedarwood and Sandlewood wrapped in Siberian Fir Balsam and Eucalyptus with hints of orange zest and Star Anise.

POSITIVE VIBES- pink sugar and pear blossom. The fruity, floral and sweet scent of the Positive Vibes candle fills the air with the essence of Pink Sugar and White Woods wrapped i Jasmine Petals and Pear Blossom with hints of Pink Pepper, Mandarin and Lychee.

Going Places- $48

They say there’s no place like home, but we think taking the comforts of home to-go is even better. Bundled together for travel, the mini Lemon Drop Hand Sanitizer instantly sanitizes and moisturizes, while the mini Forty Cure Creme and Classic Balm combat dry, jet lagged skin and lips.

Soap & Joy- $68

The perfect combination for a handful of joy. The Soap & Joy collection features a pump-top bottle of Soap & Joy Cream Hand Soap and Forty Cure Creme in a convenient tube.

The unique, creamy texture of Soap & Joy does double duty, cleaning hands throughly while infusing them with long- lasting hydration. After washing, seal in the moisture with a luxurious layer of Forty Cure Creme. Made with Tamanu seed oil from the legendary “Forty Cure” tree, the moisture-rich creme can be used to target skin ailments or for everyday hydration.

Tim Man- $58

Make sure the men in your life are scrubbed, soothed, hydrated and never in need of an oil can! The Tin Man collection comes stocked with travel-sized necessities including Power Start Face and Body Wash, Cool Down Face Balm, Charged Up Shaving Cream and Charcoal Farm to Tub soap, all in a stylish tin for easy gifting.

Little Life- $42


The LittleLife Collection is the perfect introduction to makeup, featuring a Little Lip Balm, Little Perfect Blush in shades Kindness, Courage, Friendship and a Little Powder Brush. The Little Lip Balm is made with soothing natural ingredients and just a touch of color. It’s enough the make any little one feel glamorous! With the built in mirror in the Little Perfect Blush palette and a perfectly sized iridescent bag, they’ll also love toting their new products wherever they go.

No Place Like Home Perfect Lipgloss- $18


Our non-stick formula is an easy-wear way to add shine and create the appearance of healthier, more voluminous lips. Try Perfect Lip Gloss on its own, or layer it on top of your favorite Perfect Lipsticks or Enduring Lip Color shade. From sheer to bold, it’s a look as versatile as ruby slippers.


Ready to be showered with free products , gifts, reduced or free shipping for being a loyal customer?

Introducing the LimeLifer Customer Appreciation Program!

You get STARS for your support!
Every $1 spent= 1 Star
Every qualifying customer referral= 40 Stars
*A qualifying customer is someone who opens a new customer account and spends $40 or more cumulatively with LimeLife.

$5 Product Credit Earned when you earn 500 Stars and you earn your first promotion to Lifer! Every star you earn after that will reward you with 5% product credit towards future purchases, rounded to the nearest dollar.

As a silver, Gold Lifer you will have access to FREE standard rate shipping on one order per calendar month. As a Platinum Lifer you will receive FREE EXPEDITED shipping on one order per calendar month.

As a Golf and Platinum Lifer, you will earn exclusive LimeLife Merchandise. As your status goes higher, so do the gifts!

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Want to have your makeup working for you in every way? Thought about a consultation?

Makeup color choosing can sometimes get overwhelming... especially when we want all of the things!

Another obstacle is not knowing what colors would suit your skin tones and coloring!

Did you know that i offer 1 on 1 or group consultations both in person and also online?

This could be a GREAT option to jump into one, touch, feel, try, ask questions and find out your color story!

Let me know your availability and we can go from there!


Have you ever thought about turning our everyday routine into an income?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that nothing that felt safe before is safe.

A lot of people have been turning to online sources of income to supplement or add onto their existing incomes. Whether that is at a very causal capacity or working full time. LimeLife by Alcone is right up there with the things to consider, let me tell you why.

-We are a professional makeup and natural skincare company that has over 65 years of industry experience.

-We are the only direct sales business in the L’Occitane Family Group- which consists of 5 luxury and ethical brands.

-We can purchase products directly at wholesale pricing and have the ability of earning up to 35% enhanced commissions on all sales as well as sales and enrollment incentives and an incentive store that has everything from gift cards to overseas vacations for you to work towards.

-We can earn lifestyle bonuses, all expense paid vacations and even take time off for maternity, mental health, wellness or just because we want to and still get paid for it, which is unheard of in the direct sales industry!

We could keep going but the most important thing to note right now is that friendships, a community, an income, extra money and the insane growth in yourself that comes with being a part of the direct sales model... it is waiting on the table for you to pick it up and run with it!

The only person who knows if you need this, is YOU!

Are you ready?

We have the Business Starter kits for either $99 or $169 and we cannot wait to welcome you to the team!

If you want to check out more about what we are about... click below!