About me

Hey guys! I’m Allie Drews and I am a Texas Native! I’m 28 years old and have been on a weight loss mission for the past 8 months!

I am always trying and experiencing new recipes, or work outs. I am not perfect and still a work in progress. I want to reach out to those in the same boat as me and build a community where we encourage and work together!

I hope you enjoy my page!!❤️

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My Top Favorite Snacks and Drinks

Substitutions that are the best!

We all know losing weight is a difficult journey to be on. Especially finding the right things to eat! If you are like me and loves snacking and never think you will be able to again, there are always a way you can!!

I have recently found some of the best things to keep me happy and fulfilled. Healthy and and delicious! No they are not necessarily part of my diet plan, but when I need a fix they are amazing to have!!

Quest Protein Chips!

You have no idea how excited I was to find these gems! Not only are they the best to use for nachos or just to snack but also a good substitute for corn chips for taco salads!

Halo Top Sea Salt Carmel Pops

Ok I am OBSESSED with Carmel flavor ice cream and these are the BEST ice cream pops I have ever had! If you live in Texas and been experiencing this crazy heat they are the best summer snacks to have!

Whisp Parmesan Crisp

Ok so the best thing to eat salads with are of course croutons...NOT! These things are the best substitute to use with salads and even substitute Bruschetta and tomatoes! These are my all time snack for any occasion!

Premier Protein Carmel Shake

So I absolutely love using these in my iced coffee. I add the Carmel shake in with fat free half&half and 2 stevias! The best drink ever if you love Carmel flavored drinks like I do!

Lemon Cello La Croix Water

Talk about the most satisfying summer drink! If you love lemon cakes, this flavor tastes exactly like one! It is so refreshing and delicious to sip on after a long day of sitting outside in the sun!

Skinny Syrup Rasberry Lemon

So this doll Amber Clemons suggested skinny syrups and they are THE BEST THING EVER!! I use this flavor to add some extra jazz to my lemon water and it is so delicious! They have multiple flavors for waters, alcoholic beverages, and coffee!! Check out the website!