Hi! Allie here!

I may just be someone who helps you change your life!

Last year, I was silently praying for a solution. We were getting by, but money was tight. I was working two jobs on top of school - my boyfriend was working long hours and we only saw him in the evenings. Nobody knew how badly I was struggling- I wanted to become more successful, do more then work a 9-5, and be stress free more than anything. But I prayed every night that God would make a way for me to accomplish that and to have more freedom.
One day, I opened Facebook and saw the smiling face of a girl posting about her social media marketing business. I felt this glimmer of hope as I read her story, but I also didn’t think I was the right fit for something like that! But God kept whispering to my heart—to go for it. I finally reached out to her after months of being frozen in fear. That moment of bravery changed everything.
Two weeks after starting my direct sales business, we had the extra monthly money I was hoping for. And I realized in that moment—God had led me to that girl on Facebook for SO MUCH MORE. As things continue, the views are so much more clear! Now, I am not stressing about the little things in life!
One girl on my newsfeed changed my life. Five seconds of courage bought my freedom. ☆
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