Allison Kate

Hi There👋

I’m Allison, an Advanced Pranic Healer, Accredited Mama Rising Facilitator and Family Support Worker.

I’m also a mum to two gorgeous girls and an advocate for a mother centred approach to parenting. Mainly because I’ve experienced severe fatigue and burn out trying to do the opposite. Also, my role as a family support worker, has further highlighted to me the need to heal the mother first.

My main purpose and passion is supporting mums to put a stop to self silencing and get in touch with their inner world of emotions. So that they can not only master their emotions but find their authentic self.

The amazing flow on effect is that by mastering our emotions we also master our energy and vibration. Therefore attracting to us, our highest potential and life path💕


Find your best self

Pranic Healing

Leaves you feeling more calm and uplifted with an inner glow. By releasing old energy, thoughts and emotions there comes a complete lift in perception, clarity and positive emotion.

Pranic Healing is a non touch modality that repairs the energy field and chakras known to power the body, mind and emotions.

Over time these energy vortices can become contaminated and damaged and then lead to disease or imbalances. Pranic Healing has been validated with 20+ years of global research, to improve physical, mental and emotional health.

Wholistic Coaching

Come away with clarity and focus. Feeling lighter, more aligned and empowered, ready to take the next best steps. Achieved through a unique combination of the ‘Mama Rising’ formula, Positive Psychology, Intuitive Guidance, Energy work, meditation and NLP.

Both of these services are $90 each

Or for a magical experience, combine both $135

Available in person or via Zoom 💕


See what energy healing can do for you😀

“I can feel a definite shift in my energy. I didn’t realise how stressed and elevated I had been. I am not feeling the overwhelm and busy-ness I have been feeling every Sunday in the lead up to work.” Rachel

“Feeling beautiful shifts in energy at the moment. Feeling so alive and centred!” Gen

“I am lighter and less weighed down. I felt like I had more breathe in me. I was more connected to my body and more able to give my body what it needed. I literally felt more fluid and making decisions about anything was easier.” Kate

“Working with Allison has helped me through some difficult situations with calmness and blessings. I always come out feeling more positive, powerful and kind.” Clare