Every morning you have two choices- continue to sleep with your dreams, or Get up and chase them.

Hi, I’m Allison! welcome to my journey through wellness and business.

If you’re here to learn more about vegan, non-toxic, anti-aging products..

Or, you’re here to learn more about running a small business right from your phone..

Then you’re in the right place!

Small Business Mentor

So what do I really do?

It all started back in June 2018 when I was completely burnt out from my corporate job and grew tired of waiting for my pto to accumulate enough for me to vacation.

I was working as a fine dining restaurant manager with long hours, & holidays (like all of them). I loved my job, I love a fast pace environment, & I love building relationships with customers, but a part of me knew that wasn’t my end all. I felt so stuck because of my paycheck. I didn’t have a college degree yet, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to secure a job within the same pay range. So I stayed, and I worked until I grew miserable of my situation.

Then enters a life changing business opportunity.

I was always curious about making money online, I would google “how to make money remotely” or “work from home jobs”. All I would ever come up with were online teaching jobs, and taking surveys for pennies. I thought making money online wasn’t actually possible.

Somebody I had been following for a while started posting about traveling while making money, and I was all ears. I was told your effort = your paycheck, and being an extremely hard worker, I knew that meant huge opportunity.

I had my doubts, and I was for sure skeptical thinking it was a scam, especially because I joined with somebody I only ever met on the Internet 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I knew if I didn’t try something to change my situation, I would regret it the rest of my life. Once I was told there’s a 30 day money back guarantee, I was in. Either I was hustling to make my money back or I was going to use the money back guarantee.

Fast forward two weeks later I had already made my initial investment back. I quickly realized this this opportunity had big potential to be so much more.

So I decided to work my online business alongside managing. It was fun and I thought at the very least it would help with future planned travel expenses and/or adding to my savings. I loved helping others feel more confident. Not only by using the products, but helping people believe in themselves and go after their dreams. In the process of helping others, my business grew! From customers falling in love, to new partners wanting to learn the business, I started truly loving the industry.

The long hours and holidays at the restaurant started to ware on me. I was exhausted, and I knew I was living out of alignment. I knew my online
business was something I really loved, but the thought of only doing that was so scary. I decided to work my business really HARD and give it everything I had! I hit the first leadership rank, started bringing in a monthly sustainable income and I made it to the top 3% of my company! Well, 4 months later I took the chance. I quit my corporate job and I never looked back! I’m not knocking anyone who loves their 9-5 or corporate job, it just wasn’t for me.

Since then I took a full year off from any “traditional” job. I consulted and helped opened two different businesses. I spent so much needed time with my friends and family, traveled to places I’ll never forget and just launched my first independent dining concept with my sister!
None of this would have been possible if I didn’t take a risk, and believe in myself and this online opportunity.

I have found my true passion; To help women and men show up to their true potential and use this online business as a catalyst for a better future.

^ and I get to do that anywhere I have WiFi✈️

Ready to learn more or get involved? Send me a DM, totally pressure free, let’s see if this is a good fit!