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I help ambitious women make an income through their 📲

✖️ I’m 25 years old + a momma to Analeah. I’ve always struggled with finding myself. It seemed like everyone around me always had a plan + there I was... still trying to figure mine out. It actually took me becoming a mom to realize that there’s so much more to the boring routine life that I was living. I was living a life paycheck to paycheck and was VERY uninspired. Always on the search for something to be passionate about. [ not a fun nor satisfying life to live let me tell you ] I don’t want my daughter growing up feeling super lost like I did. I want her to go after anything she wants in life + if she’s willing to fight for it she’ll know she can have it.

✖️ What changed? My shampoo... you’re probably thinking “what is this chick talking about?!” I know i know it sounds a little weird. One decision to change my shampoo has opened up so many doors for my family + I.. it’s the reason I get to call myself a business owner; how boss is that?

✖️ What do we do? We i n f l u e n c e girls like you + i to take their dreams/goals/passions + run w/ them. We share/promote a naturally based hair and skin care line that ACTUALLY does what it says + conquer multiple confidence goals on a daily basis.

✖️ How do we do it? We work from wifi 📲 Working from anywhere we want!

Interested in how one decision could change your world, change your lifestyle, give you hope? Let me show you!